Use Of Keraglo Forte In Hairloss Due To Hypothyroidism

priya Says:

i am a hypothyroid,can i take keragalo forte to prevent hair loss

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Verwon Says:

Have you discussed this with your doctor?

Keraglo Forte is just a nutritional supplement, so there is probably no harm in taking it, but you should check with them to be certain, because some vitamins and minerals can have a effect on how well other medications work or how much of them is absorbed by your body.

It is listed as containing:

Biotin USP 10 mg
N-acetyl cysteine USP 50mg
Calcium panthothenate 100mg
Sodium selenite USP equivalent to Elemental selenium 60mcg
Elemental copper 3mg
Zinc oxide 22.5 mg

And, as a supplement, there is no guarantee that it will help to prevent hair loss, though some people have had good results from it.


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sahil Says:

Use cobadex czs
from last 2 years i am sufffering hair loss due to hypothyroidism and then my endocrinologist suggest me cobadex czs after 15 days my hair loss was completely stopped

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Priya Says:

I'm 25yrs age and suffering from hair loss last 3yrs, I start treatment with keraglo last 1months..but there is no improvement and I become very worried, how much time is needed to stop hair fall?please tell me...

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