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Side Effects Of Forecox

I would like to know more about the side effects of forecox ## side effects of forecox medicine ## Forecox contains: ethambutol 400 mg, isoniazid 150 mg, pyrazinamide 750 mg, rifampicin 225 mg It is used to treat tuberculosis. It is available in India and since it is not available in the US, I am afraid I can't find any other information on it. Does anyone else know anything? ## I WANT TO KNOW ABOU THE POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECTS OF FORECOX (TWICE IN A DAY)ON A FEMALE AGED 25YRS ## there are not too much of side effects of forecox,, after 20-30 days of consumption u become habitual of this medicine, don't worry at all forecox is a perfect treatment for normal tb. God bless YOU! ## I am using fore cox since last three months. Doctor says it is enough to use this tablet for 2 months. Bu...

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How to drink herbal calcutab

I have a gallstone and I need help on how to take herbal calcutab? ## gud mrning po dr. may gallstone po ako 1.1 ung laki kaya po b tlaga tunawin un n calcutab? 1mnth n po ako umiinom nun lgi pa din ako snskmura,mnsan mtaas ung bp ko..pls reply po! ## My husband has a kidney stone.they said herbal calcutab is to drink or to take the tablet? ## Magkano po ba ang mag gamot nyo gusto ko po kc magpagamot, bigyan po nyo aana ako ng price list ## i have a goiter, need help what to do and what herbal do i take, is it calcutab ok ## why is there no answer on everyone;s question regarding there ailments.. is this just a collection of problems and no solution? ## Gud pm!po dr.may gallstone po ako,ano po dapat ko inumin herbal para sa gallstone?n kayang tunawin sa pagtake ng herbal n gamo...

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How to take Fixcom 4

I'm looking for information on how to take fixcom 4? ## TAKING FIXCOM 4 WILL BE BEFORE BREAKFAST AND IT SHOULD BE 2 CAPSULES NECESSARILY TO TAKE THEN ALSO BEFORE LUNCH AND SUPPER. 3X A DAY. ## Do i have to take 3 tablets of fixcom 4 all at the same time? Please answer..thank u. ## My doctor prescribe me to take only 1 tablet a day of fixcom 4.. Is it really ok? Plz I need ur help.. ## My doctor said that i should take 4 pcs of fixcom 4 in one dose in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast is this right? Thank you ## My husband takes 3 capsules before breakfast. Is this dosing regimen correct? ## I accidentally took 4 tablets of Fixcom-2 (for tuberculosis) instead of 3 tablets only... What will happen? I’m scared. Please reply.

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Myrin P Forte Side Effects

side effect of myrin p forte ## Myrin-P Forte contains Ethambutol, Rifampicin, Isoniazid and Pyrazinimide, it is most commonly used to treat Tuberculosis infections. Side effects can include: nausea, dizziness, diarrhea and vomiting. Learn more: Are there any other questions? ## im expiriencing delay on my period, is it another side effect of the med?im just worried.thanks. ## I am taking myrin p forte and my period got it one of the side effects?. ## Hi 2013 i was diagnosed tb may liver is mild enlarged,heart enlarged,i have a stone in my gall take myrin almost it a side effects of myrin? ## My daughter is taking myrin P Forte for around 6 weeks now and having severe joint pain. Her uric acid and alts are on a constant raise ## Hi! I'm cu...

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White pill E7

I found 2 pills. They are pretty small. It looks like it can be cut into 2 pieces. All it says on it is E7. ## A white round pill with E | 7 on one side and blank on the other is Ethambutol hydrochloride (400mg); marketed for use in treating tuberculosis. Inactive Ingredients: - Gelatin - Hydroxypropyl Cellulose - Magnesium Stearate - Sodium Lauryl Sulfate - Sorbitol - Stearic Acid - Sucrose - Titanium Dioxide For verification, the manufacturer is listed as Sti Pharma and the pill itself carries a National Drug Code of 68850-005. You can also click on the NDC link to view an image of the pill. I hope this helps! ## I found a small round pill that looks like a fancy E 7 that looks like it could be cut in half any idea what it is? ## Also trying to ID a round off white pill imprint E 7 #...

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Daily dosage of myrin-p forte in far advanced tuberculosis

what is the required daily dosage of myrin p forte tab in far advanced pulmonary tuberculosis? is Myurin forte very effective in this ptb classification? ## These are the medications traditionally used to treat it. Myrin-P Forte contains: Ethambutol HCl 275 mg, rifampicin 150 mg, INH 75 mg, pyrazinamide 400 mg The daily dosage is usually calculated for this by body weight: 71 kg 5 tab/day, 55-70 kg 4 tab/day, 40-54 kg 3 tab/day Do you have any other questions? ## he is sweating at night, pain in his hips and above the hips. is it normal this king of things while you are in medication?are these things is common for someone who is sick in this illness?how long it take to cure this pain and this illnes? ## helo..i was treated w/ptb on d upper left lobe..i take 3 tablets of myrin p-forte..i...

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Anti Tuberculosis side effects

What are the possible side effects while taking Myrin P forte tablets? ## What are the side effects of myrin tablets? ## My mother in law is taking myrine p forte. It is not helping her and she is in still in pain. She has had xrays and ultrasound but no problem was found. ## i was diagnose of PTB minimal...the first medicines that my doctor given 2 me....i was having rashes all over my body she prescribe me to take myrin-p forte and i was scared wat if i will experience again the same thing.... ## This medication contains a combination of ingredients to help treat TB, they include Ethambutol, Rifampin, Pyrazinamide, Isoniazid. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, stomach pain, diarrhea, headache, and skin rash. Joveelyn, it is possible, that can be...

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The doctor prescribed me Quadtab for anti-tuberculosis.4 tablets 30 mins before breakfast. Is it a side effect when my skin turns dark?... ## I've been taking quadtab 5 times a day. I feel this itch all over my body specially both of my legs and stomach. Is this a normal side effects of taking this medicine? ## What will happen if i take not enough dose of quadtab instead of 3 tablets i take only 1 tablet a there any harmful side effect? ## I also want to know. if what will happen when i didn't follow the quadtab prescription i only take one tablet instead of 4 tablet..

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how to take quadtab

Im a call center agent and normally my shift is at night. When should i take the quadtab is it should be in the morning when i got home or in the evening once i wake up? I also skipped 1month in taking quadtab due to lack of budget can i still continue to take quadtab for another 1month before i see my doctor? ## This medication contains Ethambutol, Rifampicin, Pyrazinamide, and Isoniazid, it is most commonly used to treat TB. Generally, it needs to be taken continuously for several months without missing days, so you should consult your doctor as you might need to start over. The NIH lists its typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, skin rash, and diarrhea. Due to such issues, you may want to take it, when you are going to be home, for awhile, rather tha...

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myrin p forte effects on lactating mother

My x ray and blood report diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis. Dr. Advised me myrin p forte four tablets before one hour of breakfast. As I am a lactating mother will it secreats with milk. Does this medicine effects my baby health. ## Hi i am a lactating mother does myrib drug affects my baby?

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Wysolone drug information

Hi. I just wanted to know what wysolone is and why it is used? ## I just want to know what kind of side effects I will get by using wysolone 5 mg 20 tablets? And whats the use of these tablets? ## What is the main use of wysolone 5mg? My gyeonocologist sugessted it to me. ## I am a patient of abdomen tuberculosis my age is 24 years and i use the wysolone 5 mg for 10 days. What is the side effect of it and my periods is irregular from 20 days. ## My mother is 53 yrs old, she taking wysolone 30mg(OD) for nephrotic syndrom. whats the side effect of wysolone. ## I suffered an allergy yesterday and was prescribed avil, cetzine and wysolone 5 mg tablets to be taken for 3 days. However my allergy and itching gone away completely in one day. Is it ok to stop the medicines after taking them for ...

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fixcom 4 Film coated tablet Antituberculosis each tablet contains Rifampicin 150 mg Isoniazid 75mg Pyrazinamide 400mg Ethambutol 275mg

fixcom 4 Film coated tablet Antituberculosis each tablet contains Rifampicin 150 mg Isoniazid 75mg Pyrazinamide 400mg Ethambutol 275mg ## rifampicin/isoniazid/pyrazinamide/ethambutol fixcom 4 is medicine of what illness? ## what best medicine for extensive pulmonary tuberculosis pleural thickening versus minimal hydro thorax, left ## my husband is taking fixcom 4 for 5 days now,is it natural that he vomits always? ## How to drink refampicin/isoniazid 300mg/150mg this same fixcom 4

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side effects fixcom 4

side effect of fixcom 4 to the body ## Fixcom 4 contains the Rifampicin 150mgs, 400mgs of Pyrazinimide and 257mgs of Ethambutol, it is used to treat TB. Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, stomach irritation and color blindness. Do you have any more questions? ## i am taking a dilantin 100 mg 1x daily i also take a fixcom 4 3x daily is there any side effect of taking this both drugs? ## I'm taking Fixcom4 but I'm afraid that I have Thrombocytopenia. I read somewhere that if I have that, I should stop taking Fixcom 4. I often feel groggy and dizzy and my coughing intensified. ## I am taking Fixcom 4 for my chronic granulomatous lymphadenitis.Presently I am experiencing muscle pain in both my lower extremities. Can fixcom 4 be the reason for this? Do I have to discontinu...

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akurit 4

I've been taking 4 tablets per day for almost 1 month. I feel pain all over my body, even when walking. How long will the bad feeling last? ## I'm suffering from tuberculosis and my doctor advised me to take Akurit-4 (one tablet daily). I've been taking this medicine for one month now but haven't had any notable results. ## I have TB in the brain. I used to take Akurit 4 for 2 months (4 tabs, 2 tabs pyridoxine) before it damaged 60% of my liver resulting in severe jaundice (took 3 weeks to clear in the hospital) and nearly had to undergo a liver transplant. Now Im on Akurit 2 (4 tabs, 2 tabs pyridoxine). Akurit 4 damaged my liver due to overdosage. I am in pain daily (joint and nerves discomfort due to 5 lumbar puncture done within 5 weeks) and also because my liver is u...

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Anti-tuberculosis drug - schedule 9

I need to know how to take the anti-tuberculosis drug called 'schedule 9'.... Is it supposed to be taken before or after dinner? In a private hospital they have suggested to take it before dinner and in the government hospital they have suggested to take it after dinner. I am totally confused... Please help. ## I would like to know how to take the anti-tuberculosis drug called 'schedule 9'? These medications are used for the purpose of increasing the appetite of anyone who has a disease like TB. ## I have had tb in my spine for the past 8 months and I have been undergoing treatment for 6 months, yet, I still have a severe pain in my back. Please suggest what to do? I am taking "anti tb schedule 3". ## I was prescribed an anti TB "schedule9" drug from a go...

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Akt-4 1 Kit How To Use

tb effects water inside the body ## The AKT-4 Kit combines 4 essential TB drugs into one convenient dose package, so you can take them altogether, rather than getting a prescription filled for 4 separate drugs. It contains: 1 tab of ethambutol 800 mg, isoniazid 300 mg, 2 tabs of pyrazinamide 750 mg, Each combipack contains 1 cap of rifampicin 450 mg Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## tb 3+ 13 year ## I am taking the red capsule before breakfast and all others after breakfast. Is this the right way to take this? ## how do we consume the akt4 strip of tablets which is before food and which after food. pls name the colours. ## I have been detected with micro bacterium tuberculosis and doctor has advised to ta...

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fixcom 4

Side effects and use ## Sorry, this isn't available in the U.S. and other countries do not regulate their drugs as strictly, so I am unable to find any information on it. I suggest you ask your doctor or pharmacist for more info. ## Fixcom 4 tab (ANTI-TB AGENT) MANUFACTURER: Natrapharm -Phils. DISTRIBUTOR: Natrapharm CONTENTS: Rifampicin 150 mg, INH 75mg, pyrazinamide 400 mg, ethambutol 275 mg INDICATIONS: Treatment of pulmonary & extra-pulmonary TB. DOSAGE: Patients weighing 70 kg 5 tab/day. Duration: 2 mth. ADMINISTRATION: Should be taken on an empty stomach (Take 1 hr before or 2 hr after meals.). US FDA PREGNANCY CATEGORY - Not established CONTRAINDICATIONS: Rifampicin: Patients w/ jaundice. Pyrazinamide: Liver damage, acute gout or hyperuricemia. Ethambutol: Optic neuritis....

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Akt 4 daily dose

The strip consists of 4 tablets. I was told that the red tablet has to be taken before food, but what about rest of the 3 tablets? ## A TB paitent would like to know, how can he take akt-4 kit... please give your reply with details ## Red tablet take morning empty stomch and three no. white tablet take after heavy breakfast one by one. ## The AKT-4 Kit combines 4 essential TB drugs into one convenient dose package, so you can take them altogether, rather than getting a prescription filled for 4 separate drugs. It contains: 1 tab of ethambutol 800 mg, isoniazid 300 mg, 2 tabs of pyrazinamide 750 mg, Each combipack contains 1 cap of rifampicin 450 mg Side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and headache. Is there anything else I can help you with? ## IS IT THAT THE OTHER TH...

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Akt 4 during breast feeding

My baby is 20 days old and I have been prescribed akt-4. Can i take the medicine while breast feeding the baby or it can cause any harm to the baby. ## my baby iz 2 yrs old,can i breast feed my baby. ## Generally, the FDA lists this medication as being safe during breastfeeding, but some is excreted into the breast milk, which could cause some side effects in the infant, such as drowsiness, skin rash, and diarrhea. This medication is most often used to treat Tuberculosis, so it should only be taken if your doctor has confirmed that you have TB, and that this is the best treatment option for you. How are you both doing, now?

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side effects of myrin p forte in pregnancy

i am diagnosed with tuberculosis layphadenitis and i m going through pregnancy period so please tell is myrin p forte is safe during first trimester of pregnancy thanks ## in case of pergnancy Myrin p have side efficte ## i am diagnosed with Bone tuberculosis . The doctor sugges me Myrin please tell me is there any side effect of Myrin related pregnancy and reproduction ??? ## I would like to inquire regarding possible side effects of Myrin P Forte & Myrin to the 1st trimester of pregnancy. I was taking these medicines almost 3 months now without knowing that I'm pregnant already because I know that I need to take more meds to treat my PCOS before I got pregnant. I'm so worried about my baby when I found out, though, at the ultrasound, he is normal. ## Mam, i need your help....

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