Trying To Find Aurobindo Hydrocodone

benica Says:

Good morning or afternoon all... Some years ago I was prescribed Oxycodone. Chronic lower back pain and in both legs. Had AFIB...hospitalized for weeks. Then developed blood clots. Asked doc to take me off of Oxycodone. Too strong. Tried Tramadol. Body didn't like it. Tried another. Still issues. Went to Hydrocodone / Acetaminophen 7.5 / 325. Better. Then tried Aurobindo. For me, it is great! 4 years now. No side effects, etc. A few months back Aurobindo was discontinued. Contacted the manufacturer. Might come back again, but who knows when. Anyway, I tried Mallinckrodt... body doesn't like it. Tried Rhodes...not as good for me as Aurobindo. But stuck with Rhodes. Any ideas who might still have Aurobindo? Not CVS, not Walmart, not Walgreens. Or I would try another brand. Suggestions? Enjoy your day!

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Optimistic Says:

Aurobindo makes bad meds (for me at least), it’s weird that one works for you. Rite Aid usually carries Aurobindo meds. I had to stop going there. Their adderall is all they will order.

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Mel Says:

I’m on Aurobino Hydrocodone 10/325. I have on my pharmacy records NO Mallinckrodt! As they were the worst on all their drugs no yo the fentanyl patches and no to the Hydrocodone. My pharmacy called me as they were discontinued another pharmacy making Hydrocodone. I was just put on the Aurobino about a week ago and so far they are good no sight effects yet. I get mine from a small pharmacy. I’d call around to the pharmacy’s and or the pharmaceutical company.

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benica Says:

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Each body reacts differently to....whatever. Body choice. We all know that 100 can take the same medication and great. 101 comes along and has issues.
What works for one doesn't necessarily it will work for another.

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