Trying To Conceive After Jadelle Removed

Mummy123 Says:

I'm 24yrs old trying to conceive my first child. I had my jadelle implants removed in Feb 2016 after 14months in as trying to Concieve. When I had them removed I had my period. The following month I ovulated then got my period, now in April, I think I ovulated as normal and now my period is 3 days late, doesn't feel like it is coming either, however, pregnancy test is negative.
Could I still be pregnant? Why would my period be late if I'm not pregnant?

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Verwon Says:

Your hormones can fluctuate, especially this soon after having the Jadelle removed and that could result in irregular periods and irregular cycles, as reported by the FDA. You may also experience weight changes, irritability and PMS-like symptoms.

It usually takes a few months, for things to return to normal, once your body balances your hormones back out on its own.

However, it is possible that you are pregnant, because being 3 days late could be too soon for a pregnancy check to show anything. They usually aren't done, until you're over 7 days late.

You may want to see your doctor, so they can do blood work.

Are you still late?

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Mummy123 Says:

No I'm 5 days into new cycle now

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ife Says:

Hi am 23years old,I had jadelle for 2years after I remove it no sign of pregnancy for over two yes.please help fiancé want me to be pregnant for him before marriage.

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Crystal Says:

Had jadelle rods removed well over 4 and half years ago. Still no other babies but am wanting more. What should I do?

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Emmy Colquhoun Says:

Hi there I had my rod in my arm for 5years and got it taken out 4months ago.I haven't had a single period nothing?? I am wondering if I can have anymore children as I have one boy who is 5years old...please help!!

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moh Says:

i had the jadelle implant for 2.5 years and had it removed in june 2017.
I have an aiiregular cycle most of the time.
The issue is we have been trying for baby 2 but nothing.
i am stressed.
how long does it take to conceive after the implant removal?/

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