Trigestrel Oral Contraceptive

cj Says:

Hi there,

I started using trigestrel and stopped using it due to heavy mood swings ect. I've had my period as soon as i stopped using it but for almost 2 months now i've not yet had my period. Is it just my hormones that's all scrambled or what?

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Verwon Says:

Hi, Cj! How are you?

Have you been engaging in intercourse?

If so, have you taken a pregnancy test?

These hormonal based contraceptives only protect against pregnancy while you are taking them, the protection is gone once you've stopped.

Or yes, it could be due to your hormones being imbalanced from taking it, it may take them awhile to adjust back to normal levels.

have you consulted your doctor?

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lenda Says:

Hi, I started using trigestrel pills in november and my period wasn't normal in december. It normally takes 2 weeks and after that i experienced a smelling discharge for a week. Is that normal?

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Confused Says:

Hi, I'm on Trigestrel and just had my 4th pill..I had TOP done 4 weeks ago and I've been told i am very fertile. My Bf and I had intercourse last night and we did not use any protection but he did not climax in me.. Could I use an emergency Contraceptive (Escapelle) to help my Trigestrel so I could prevent a possible pregnancy? Please help.

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Miranda Says:

If you have unprotected intercourse when it's your first time taking trigestrel, are you going to be pregnant? The 7 red tablets are inert.

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mimz Says:

Hi, I have been on a contraceptive inj. for two years and last month I decided to change to the trigestrel pill and when I got to the red pill I did not get my period. Could there be something wrong?

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lee Says:

Hi, I just had intercourse a few hours ago, then later i decided to go to the clinic for prevention. They introduced me to trigestrel and i started with it immediately. So i wish to know, will it prevent pregnancy if it's possible that it occurred? And how soon does it start to work?

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Aliah Says:

Hi there. I want to fall pregnant because my period was irregular for 7 years and my Dr prescribed me trigestrel. I have had my period again after I finished my first pack. Now I want to know how long it will take before I can conceive?

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miss dee Says:

I have been taking trigestrel for the past two months and now i'm on the third pack and i'm getting severe headaches. Is it normal?

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LELE Says:

Hi. I was taking trigestrel pills for a few days, then i decided to stop using it because somebody told me that it will help me to get pregnant very fast if i drink it for few days and stop. So after 3 days of not taking Trigestel i had unprotected intercourse with my partner; after which i had cramps since yesterday. Do you think i might be pregnant?

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Ogies Says:


I have been taking Trigestel for +- 8 months and now I want to try and fall pregnant. How long after stopping trigestrel will I be able to fall pregnant?

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Lucy Says:

I am having irregular periods and some people say if I take trigestrel that it's possible for my period to be normal. Is this true?

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chantell Says:

Hi. My name is Chantell and I am 27 y/o, and have never been on any type of contraceptive before, and want to start using them now. However, I am considering using trigestrel - Is this advisable for someone that is a first-time patient?

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Ndamwena Says:

Hi, my doctor prescribed me trigestrel pills because I had an irregular period. I used to skip my menses for 5/6 months. My question is, will trigestrel help make my period regular? It's my first time taking this. He said I should try it for 3 months. And which pill color should I start with?

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litha Says:

Will I have my periods if I'm pregnant and I use the trigestrel red pill not knowing if I am pregnant?

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Nat Says:

After being on trigestrel for the 1st month, I started discharging watery blood or just water for a few days after my period... but it is heavy enough for me to still wear pads. Has anybody else experienced this? It’s been going on for 7 years now.

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letta Says:

I stopped using trigestrel before i finished my first pack and had unprotected intercourse beforehand as well. Then 16 days after stopping the pills i got my periods and the following month i just had pre-menstrual symptoms with no periods. Am i pregnant?

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Emo Says:

Hi. I started taking Trigestrel pills and dear Lord the cramps are not nice after taking the pill.

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Basetsana Says:

I have been taking the red trigestrel pills but I am not getting my periods. All I feel is pain in my stomach but they just come and go. Are there any chances of pregnancy?

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Merriam Says:

Hi. I have been using contraceptive shots for 3yrs, then I decided to change to the trigestrel pills at the clinic. They told me will see my period but now it's been 2 full months and I haven't seen my periods. I even took a pregnancy test and it came out negative.

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dk Says:

Can you please explain the function of each pill since I am confused about the usage of trigestrel pills?

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