Triamterene-hctz 37.5/25mg And Fluid Retention

Sindy Says:

I have been prescribed this medication for inner ear treatment. My doctor told me to take a pill at about 8 o'clock in the morning because this medication will make me go to the ladies room 3 times more often than I usually do. I said that I don't need to go more often than I do because it was already many times more than what is normal. Even during the night time I'm going every 1-2 hours on some nights, but sometimes don't get up and just use the bathroom normally: before going to bed and after I get up. Some nights I can go just 1 time during my sleep cycle. My doctor still thinks that I need to take this medication daily anyway. I take it now like he prescribed, but received the opposite effect. After talking a pill at 8 o'clock in the morning I go to the bathroom first thing at 4pm and the amount of urine went down by about 4-6x. Even if I have to drink more fluid during this time. Second time I went to bathroom around 1pm and the last time at about 1-2am. What is the problem? Why is this medication not working on me like the doctor said and why do other people who are taking these pills say that it's helping for removing fluid build-up from their body? If this medication has an opposite effect on me by preventing fluid from coming out - do I need to keep taking it or do I need to stop? Thank you.

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Sindy! I am sorry about the problem you're having. Has there been any change?

Unfortunately, it is known that some medications do cause the opposite of their intended effects in some people that take them. The FDA does warn about such things being possible.

It would be best to inform your doctor as it might not be the best medication for you. There are others that you can try, though.

Are you on any other medications? What did he say this was going to do for your ear?

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Sindy Says:

He just said it'll help remove the liquid, but it's blocking liquid instead removing it. I'm on many different medications, but none of them prescribed to treat inner ear. Really I am not sure if this diagnosis is correct. I've been trying to find out what is wrong with me, visited 4 different ENT during past 10 years, but nobody found anything. Over the past 3 years my condition became worse and from January this year I'm totally down and most of the time - on the bed till now. I visited this doctor in 2015, he did not find a problem and discharged me from his care. I didn't see him in 2016 after that. In 2017 when my condition become worse - my family doctor tried so many different medications and nothing helped. After this, my family doctor set up an appointment with ENT again. ENT ordered some kind of testing to check the condition of my inner ear. A test was done, but I haven't seen any results yet, because it was done 06/29/2017, but I see a doctor and he said that I have a fluid build up and need to take this medicine that will help. After 3 days of taking it - the opposite reaction occurred. I've now taken it for 15 days- but nothing changed, so I stopped taking it and after I stopped, the next day I returned back to my previous urination schedule and had no problem anymore with this, but with regards to my inner ear nothing has changed with medication or without. Even since 07/17/2017 it's gotten worse. So, I don't know if anything can help me with this problem. Thank you for replying to my concern.

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Abe Says:

You need a different medication. I stopped taking, it doesn't work for me. This medication is prescribed for water retention but in some people it does not work.

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Susanna Says:

I had an allergic reaction that caused pulmonary hypertension and a BP of 260/180. After many months of trying to get it back to normal (I couldn't), I settled for a 'mild diuretic' that brought it down to 140/100. After some months, another doctor suggested a tweak, and gave me a combination of Hydrochlorotiazide 25mg with 50 mg. Triamterine. That brought it down another 10 points, and after many years it is stable. But, one thing I know is that the Triamterene is very short acting and your body expels it quickly. If your ears are better, there's no need to keep taking it, I don't think.

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Swinney817 Says:

Hello- I am so frustrated by the water retention that I have after stopping Triamterene. Has anyone ever returned to normal? And how long did it take? I’m trying herbal supplements but still very uncomfortable. Thank you

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perplexed Says:

I'm taking Triameterne but now I experience weakness, shaking and stomach pain... What pill for edema would be a better alternative? I'm also taking Metoprolol.

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Jannette Says:

Re: Swinney817 (# 5) Expand Referenced Message

Hello, how long were you taking it and did your water retention eventually go away?

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