Treatment Resistant Depression

davecn Says:

For 40+ years I have battled bipolar illness.. been through all meds, many ect, rTMS. and clearly dealing with trd... How can I find novel treatments.. spc.. sKetamine, or possibly GLYX13,, I am in Canada but will travel to get help..
Having a MI seems to in a less than important issue, the stigma and all.. but I don't care if it doesn't keep me from treatment..

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WillRNMS Says:

Just get on the web and do searches for Ketamine and the other medication you wanted to try. There are clinics popping up all over because of the efficacy of Ketamine. Big pharma and Psychiatrists hate this because it takes you off their payroll money cash flow. Thankfully what is right is right and this works. Good luck.

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Marie Says:

Where do you live? I was told by my psychiatrist that Dr. Roger McIntyre will be doing ketamine trials in Mississauga,Ontario in the near future.

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Diane Says:

I have a similar diagnose and tried Ketamine Infusion. Please don't try it! I did nothing for me and possibly made things worse. Have you tried Nuvigil?

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Brie Says:

Re: Diane (# 3) Expand Referenced Message

How did the Ketamine treatment make you feel? It's to the point now where I feel like just giving up bc nothing has really helped my depression and anxiety for as long as I've been receiving treatment...I'm 29 years old!

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