Treating Rectal And Urethral Tightness Along With Pain

Wilson Says:

I am male, 40yrs old, having urinary issues since 2009. I started with frequent urination which then led to irritation, pain and difficulty to pass urine. I have undergone urodynamics (found poor flow, suspected detrusor muscles dysfunction) and was given medications. Becoming worse, I had gone in for a sonography, CT scan which found no issues with my prostate and kidneys. Then a cystoscopy, bladder distention performed, even treated for interstitial cystitis, no improvement. Later an inj. of Botox was administered inside the bladder, but still no improvement. Then rectal dilation was done to relax the sphincter muscle, but nothing helped. Now I have some new issues: I can't defecate easily, I feel the pain in my rectal region for hours and at the same time I have pain in my urethra which causes frequent urination til the pain vanishes. Sometimes I can't pee normally. I have sit in a bath tub with warm water; without peeing I can't subdue the urethral pain. At present I can't eat well once my stomach is full because I fell the pain simultaneously in my rectal area and urethral region. So every 40 minutes the above said symptoms will appear and I go to the washroom using hot water over my private part to pass urination. It's a painful process. This will continue until I get defection. Now I don't know what to do further as it has become more complicated and severe. Right now I am using painkillers and stool looseners. I also have low blood sugar and high Bp. I even took an MRI for my pelvic region but the results are fine. Please help me.

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