Treating Inflammation In The Brain Pons And Brain Stem Area

Hanson Says:

Earlier this year, I was hospitalized for a stroke. It was actually pretty mild, I sounded like I was drunk and had a slight droop to my right side of my face. From tests done over time, the doctor's are pretty are convinced it was caused from my untreated high blood pressure. I have had HBP for years, and taking meds for it. My RX ran out last Dec. and my PCP would not refill it, until I check with the cardiologist I had seen one time a year earlier. I emailed her, during this time (12/15/16) because it was Christmas time, probably would not be able to see anyone until after the first of the year, AND I was pretty sure my insurance was going to change AGAIN - THANK YOU Obama care! The past few years, it always seems to change, and FINALLY, by the end of March, you get your new card, etc, etc... Anyway, back to the stroke. Results of the MRI, indicated a small area where the stroke was present. They also saw a small area that indicated I had a small stroke before. The big thing was the PONS and brainstem area was almost completely bright white. The hospital neurologist said she'd never seen anything like it and wanted me to follow up with another neurologist. I did see another neurologist, and he was a little older and more experienced and said he had seen this only a few times in his career, but he thought it was inflammation.

So I am having a second follow up MRI in a few weeks to see if it is still there and if it is better or worse or? My question is, the little I can find out about inflammation in the brain, seems to indicate a disease. I have had migraine headaches for years. I am 63 and have had "inflammation" in collagen within my GI tract, what they kind of guessed was costochondritis, a year and 1/2 ago. Possibly fibromyalgia per my PCP. Anyway, it seems every time, I have something wrong, it is from inflammation?? Now in my head also. From what little I have found out, they are beginning to wonder which came first... Inflammation in the blood system, thus causing, headaches, Hbp, costochondritis, the GI tract, etc. I just want this all to stop and get better, and medical Drs just don't seem to have the answers. After almost 2 years of having IBS-D, thinking I had a gluten problem, etc., I finally started my little version of the Paleo Diet and I am not super strict with what I eat, however, I do eat dried cranberries, dried blueberries, dried cherries. Almost any "berry" type items every day! The dried (really semi-dried.. like a raisin type texture). I have at least 1/2 to 1 cup during the day, just as a snack really, and my IBS-D cleared up in a just a few days! So, I think there must be something I could do more with my diet to help with the inflammation that seems to be attacking my entire body!

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Verwon Says:

It is normal for there to be inflammation in the brain, after a stroke, due to immune response, according to NIH studies. However, I am not a doctor, so if the neurologist thought they saw something odd, then it is best to listen to them.

Did the neurologists give you any ideas regarding treatment options, or other possible causes?

What medication are you currently taking for your high blood pressure? Some of them can cause oddities on MRIs and false results on some tests.

As to the paleo diet, while you may like following it, there is no real science and research to back up the claims made about it.

When will you be having the next MRI?

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Mari Says:

Have your Vitamin D levels checked. Should be over 30 ng/nl. Read Michael Holick, phd the vitamin D solution. He is the world authority on vitamin D. Doctors won't test unless you ask for it. Vitamin D regulates immune system and is essential for cell function.

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Rex Says:

Hello. The only thing I can suggest is Turmeric, but you may want to ask your doctor if it would be okay to take. It's a bright colored root that has excellent cardiovascular benefits and has anti-inflammatory properties. The brand I take has black pepper which boosts curcumin's effectiveness. It's all Organic and I get it from Thailand. Their website is called botaniceutics. You can also buy it on Amazon. After using it for over 5 years now, it works for me. Inflammation has never been good for the human body, so I take and do what I can to keep it from happening. Good luck, Hanson! {affiliate link added}

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El Hanson Says:

Thank you all for the information. I will try the Tumeric, (I have been taking that, but just once in awhile) and the Vitamin D. The meds I am now taking for HBP is Cozaar 100 mg and Norvasc 10 mgs, both once a day. Those seem to be keeping my HPB in the safe area most of the time, sometimes just a point or 2 above the recommended numbers for both Systolic and Diastolic. I had a follow up MRI in Nov. and the new MRI still had some small areas of white in the Pons area, but nothing compared to prior MRI. The Neurologist still believes it is inflammation but wants to do follow up again in a 9 months to a year, unless I have a problem. (I can not believe that the hospital neurologist " had never seen such a thing!") I really think you have to research and/or ask for a 2nd opinion on practically anything anymore!! (Which is becoming hard as every year for the past 3 years, I get put onto a new plan with all new facilities, and Dr. network!! It is getting ridiculous, not only are the prices skyrocketing, ($1020.00 per month with a $4000 deductible for 2018, and co-pays for Dr. services. That's $16,000 a year in order to receive regular treatment! I have had to take the money out of IRAs. But many of us 55 to 65 year olds are having to drop out of plans due to costs.) While Obama care signs up 20 million new patients, us older "baby boomers", can't afford it and are having to drop out!! --I wonder how many millions of 55 to 65 year olds have to drop out? Then, the inconsistency in providers usually means, same tests again and by the time you think you are finally set up, its time to change again!! And with the prices so high, you are going to pick the lowest premium plans, which translates into a new network!!

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