Travacor Has Anyone Experienced Insomnia With Travacor

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I have been taking Travacor for a couple of months and started to have difficulty staying asleep. I now cannot fall aspeep without a sleeping pill.

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Tonya Says:

Been taking travacor for 10 months. Started waking up several times during the night, now not falling asleep. I have also taken a couple of sleeping pills or benadryl to fall asleep. I also take calm prt with the travacor 1/2 hour prior to dinner and 3 kavinace at bedtime with melatonin and and ativan. Getting discouraged!

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Reigh Says:

I took Travacor for two weeks--slept great,then one morning after that I woke up and could not walk without falling down(dizzy) it took me two days to get back to normal. I guess I had gotten too much seratonin--needless to say I have not taken any 5HTP since then.
Any ideas??

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Robin Says:

I started taking Travacor (and Kavinace, plus Adrecor in the morning) last Friday. Haven't had a decent night's sleep since then. I deleted the Travacor starting a week later, and still suffer sleeplessness. If I have another night of crummy, interrupted sleep (even after taking 2 MG of melatonin), I will stop the Adrecor. This stuff is way too expensive not to work!

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Verwon Says:

Travacor is just a nutrition supplement, and yes, many of them that contain vitamins that contribute to our energy level, such as B vitamins, can cause trouble sleeping, or outright insomnia, according to FDA reports. They may also cause nausea, dizziness, diarrhea, and headache, due to their potency.

Melatonin does not induce sleep, it is simply a supplement for a natural hormone that helps us maintain a more normal sleep pattern, according to NIH reports.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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