Tramadol Withdrawal Terrible Stomach Pain

Denise Says:

Hello. I have searched the web and can't seem to find a problem like mine while coming off tramadol. I have horrible stomach burning and pain that extends down both sides of my rib cage. It happened once before when I was coming off tramadol and you think I would have learned to stay away from this poison. Has anyone else had pain and terrible burning down both sides of their rib cage when coming off tramadol? This is day 2 for me. I am hoping it goes away soon

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David Says:

I think it's safe to say that Tramadol withdrawal symptoms can be quite similar to the side effects of those who are still taking the drug.

According to the mayo clinic, severe abdominal or stomach pain is reported to be a normal, but serious side effect of Tramadol (that should be reported to your doctor).

I don't know if this type of pain results in a burning sensation, like that which you described, but it seems relevant enough to what you could be experiencing.

There is also information stating that abrupt withdrawal of tramadol may result in anxiety, sweating, insomnia, rigors, "pain", nausea, diarrhea, tremors, and hallucinations. Perhaps some of these symptoms are also contributing to the burning feeling.

I hope this info helps!

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Verwon Says:

No, to be honest, I've never heard of of such a thing, but there is really no way to say how any medication, or the withdrawals from it, will affect any given person that uses it.

Learn more Tramadol details here.

What have you tried for the stomach pain and burning?

This kind of makes me wonder if there is something going on, such as an ulcer, or gastritis and maybe the Tramadol was suppressing the pain from it.

Have you consulted your doctor?

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Cameron Says:

I am currently on day 11 of tramadol withdrawals. I have been weaning off but I am going thru extreme highs and lows. And yes, stomach pain has been part of it. Along with anxiety, restless and twitching muscles and sinus problems. It's been awful. I never had sinus problems until 6 months after starting the drug which have been fairly constant for the last 5 and a half years. When I go a day without the drug, I sneeze and my nose runs a lot, when I take the drug, my sinuses dry out and I get severe sinus pain and pressure. Also, over the last year, I started developing rib pain. I am beginning to wonder what the long term side effects are. I took one a day (rarely two) for almost six years even though the doc prescribed three per day. I can't wait to be free.

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Ree Says:

Well I just got off tramadol after a 2-3 weeks use for heel spurs and now I am getting alot of abdominal pain. during use i would feel woozy and sleepy and get nauseous...can anyone tell me if they have this abdominal pain like me after tramadol

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Leslie Says:

I am 1.91meters tall and weigh 118kg am very fit and healthy i do have bipolar disorder and attention deficed disorder so the meds i use for them give me crippling headaches so my doctor put me on Tramadol for a month and i am a Chef and work long hours and when i stopped the Tramadol i had to be booked off work due to the cramping and abdominal pain strange after effect for a pain pill? Is there anything similar without the Tramadol after effects?

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Sturlz Says:

Am going through same stomach pains And chest pains day 11 off tramadol .
I was on 400mg per day for a back injury.
This stuff is poison wish I'd never started it

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Michelle Says:

Yes I just went off Tramadol after surgery and hope I never take it again. The stomach burning is horrible. Also headache. Nothing seems to help. Hope it goes away soon.

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Tony Says:

Hi I was on 30 50mg tramadol daily for 8 years and one day got even greedier and took 40 then passed out the next I knew I was in A&E I came clean and informed the medical staff what I had done 3 days later I was released after cardiologists was happy there was no long term heart damage that's when I decided to stop and the withdrawal started my whole chest and rib cage were hurting like I had been in an RTA I had to be sensible and take the tramadol again but this time I had 2 on a morning 2 at dinner time 2 at tea time and 2 before bedtime every time the 2 we're wearing off I could feel this terrible rib cage pain beginning I held off to when I was on time to take my next 2 I did this for a week the following week I dropped my dose to 1 in the morning 1 at dinner time and so on for another week this was also painful but I did this for another week and the following week I was free of my demons thank god it's hard but life is important I felt good on tramadol no lie but I now feel good on fresh air the drug isn't evil if taken correctly fight the rib cage pain and the head flashes and the thick saliva in your throat there is freedom afterwards come on you can all do it!!!!!!!!

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Crystal Says:

Just my 2cents, tramadol is as evil a drug as you'll ever find. The withdrawls are horiffic, often worse than others as it works as a pain med and a antidepressant, so you withdrawl from both. It really bugs me that doctors don't usually understand how addictive it can be. I'm a mother of four who has been on Suboxone for nine months now because I couldn't kick tramadol, which my doctor had me believe was non narcotic and totally safe. People who downplay this drug are totally misinformed. Best of luck to anyone fighting this beast.

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richief Says:

After a while on methadone and tramadol I fought the tramadol and won. Now I've just started suboxone to get off the methadone and in my day one I've never felt worse. If I could go back to this morning I would not have started this. But it's too late. It's going to be hell but I know I can do it. I lost my young wife two weeks ago due to script med's so I DO have a better than most reason. I have to look after our four year old son. We can do it! Just another day. One more day!

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Khristelle Says:

I am sorry for what you're going thru but trust me, you're NOT alone! I, too, an on Suboxone maintenance and have been for a year on July eleventh. The Suboxone allows me to live a normal life. A life without the anxiety, withdrawal, pill popping roller coaster i have been on my entire life. I've done almost all narcotics known to man but the one that HAD me, believe it or not, was the tramadol. Not only does it hit the pain endorphins faster than other pain meds, it also doubles as an antidepressant. And, doctors love to give it out. Its ONLY TRAMADOL!!! So many don't believe it's possible to be so addicted to tram that you need to go on Suboxone but, believe me, it IS that bad. If anyone reading this doesn't want an addiction, DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG! If you do, only takes the bare minimum dosage and as short of a time as possible. So many people take this SAFE, NON ADDICTIVE, NON NARCOTIC (how it was labeled when i began taking it) only to find that they are physically dependent when they run out. I'd personally rather go thru H withdrawals than tramadol withdrawals. I'm NOT kidding.

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lee Says:

hi their iv been on tramadol 50 mg for prob bout 4 say 800mg day years now 5 days ago i just quit the them since then i carnt sleep i had burning paynes in my chest and groin and stumark some time in all but other times in one or two of those places i carnt sleep for jack im just wondering if any one else has go thru the same or simular could you tell me how long it lasts for i carnt function thanks in advanced..

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lee Says:

i apolagise for the mixed up typeing on my last post i quit tramadol 50 mg i was on about 800 mg aday for 5 years since chucking the lot in iv had bad pains burning in my groin like some one has booted me in the nuts burning bladder burning stumark twiches like brain twiches nigaly pains here and their i went round the docs and thay gave me some meds for ibs thay aint done a thing the withdrawal seames to be worse than the pain i was takeing them for im just wondering if their a light at the end of the tunnel im just wondering how many more of you has been thru this and how long its taken to get back to normal thanks in advance sorry about last post

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Richief Says:

Only me again. Don't know how to update my message so doing it this way.
Been on suboxone for over a week now and getting the same WD as coming off tramadol. Those stupid doc's wanted me to go back on tramadol to help with my pains due to this! Are they insane? Felt better than I ever have but worse too. Just trust yourself and your body. It's going to be hell. But it can be done. As I said I found my wife passed away at just 29 due to doc's med's so I DO have a damn good reason to be angry with them. And myself for listening to them. I wish you all could feel just a little of my EMOTION pain and you would make the first step. If you want a life. A REAL life it can be done. It is NOT going to be easy. But if you want it just do it! If you just want to carry on just remember that you leave behind so much sadness that and that is WORSE than any WD you will have to go through. Just please take the pain. It may not ever be the same but it will be different. X

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lee Says:

im so sorry to here about the loss wife it must be a terrable time you haveing and going thru with draw as well thats the iceing on the cake and you are right with draw is nowt compared to that pain iv lost a few close loved one in the past so i know wat the pain is like i take my hat off to you doing this so soon after you loved ones passing i feel for you my friend and thank you for replying at my time of need i did my turkey from alcohol 10 years ago and the pain of comeing of that was nowt compaired to this tramadol should be banned or have safer guideline i carnt wait to come back on here and tell confused people like me the siymptoms we end and it will all be good but that seames like a long road at minit

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Richief Says:

Thank you for thanking me thanking you?
Lol! I did my alcohol detox with my late wife ten months ago and it was terrible I know!
Just keep up with getting off this awful stuff. What gets me is that it's "easier" getting off stuff that actually you get a better kick from. Maybe it's some chemists having a good laugh at us "weak" ones. I don't know. But what we ALL know is tramadol may help at the time but you will pay for it in the long run. But PLEASE PLEASE just get through this bit. People say it get's easier with time (like grief)! :-( but I say it just gets different. Just don't fall back if you can and if you do jus try again. The more times you have to try the more times you have to go through it, so the quicker you get your head together and just try your best the sooner you'll be here writing what I'm trying to tell you! Hope that made SOME sense. One more day. Jus one more day! Love and respect. Richie.

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Marshall Says:

I have also experience symptoms of stomach problems
when stopping administration of is almost like withdrawing from any of the other opioid analgesics, many medical personnel just don't believe me but it does happen!

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Angie Says:

I have had the same stomach pain, while taking it or getting off it. Try sipping on a warm liquid with crackers, or watery oatmeal. That is the only way to stop my stomach pain. I wish I did not have to take it. Two pills a day allows me to keep on working by helping my back pain, but the side effects when I don't take it are just as bad, anxiety, insomnia, and aside from the horrible stomach pains I hate how I feel, like bugs are eating my skin. Avoid taking Tramadol if you can.

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chris Says:

That is absoutely crazy. Your doctor should lose his license. Suboxone is 40x stronger than morphine. You think tramadol withdrawals are bad. Just wait, suboxone w/d was the worst 30 days of my life. They dont tell you this going in. Because more than likely your d.r. is getting kickbacks from big pharmaceutical. Do a little research into sub w/d. And check out kratom. Id do a ten day kratom regime and you can get off the meds. I had a 80mg a day oxy habit. And getting off that was a walk in the park compared to suboxone. It just blows my mind your doctor would put you on that very evil drug . The only logical reason is $. Look into kratom.

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Richie F Says:

Just an update. My wife who passed away, we just had "some" information from the coroner, but it's still on going.
Cause of death a combination of methadone and tramadol.
NOT an overdose, but the combination.
They were prescribed by doc and she wasn't taking anything more.
Christ, the worst drugs of all and both together.
I TOLD them it was wrong, I TOLD them she was getting worse everyday, but they just fobbed me off (but that's another rant).
Am in the process of screwing the so called drug and alcohol team for not listening.
Tramadol wd may make you feel like crap but sorry, you got a choice.
Stop it and feel like crap for a long time, or carry on and feel nothing forever.
I'm sorry my view is twisted but my young wife is dead and tramadol IS a major reason.
I found a strip of tram yesterday while packing to move and I've torn the ligaments in my foot and for a second I went to take one, just to help the pain.
Even with my knowledge, I nearly just did it.
It IS hard to get off but just try..

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