Tramadol By Amneal Vs Mylan

sonjia Says:

All our pharmacies here have switched to amneal, which doesn't do a thing except give a headache. The brand does make a difference. The mylan works great.

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Verwon Says:

Yes, there can be differences in generic medications. Once a medication is available to be made a generic, it is allowed to differ, in the active ingredient, from the name brand by as much as plus or minus 20%. The FDA considers this an acceptable therapeutic window.

The problem that you can run into, of course, is that generics do not have to measure against each other, just against the name brand.

This means that while one generic may be high quality and contain 100mgs of a given medication, another generic may only contain 80mgs and another could contain 120mgs.

Not everyone is sensitive to such changes and most people don't even notice, however, there are some people that do have problems when they switch from a name brand to a generic, or from generic to another.

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jgm Says:

Twice now I have been switched from Mylan Tramadol to Amneal Tramadol. There is a big difference between the two. I have complete relief when I have Mylan but if it is Amneal I eventually get no reliefand have headaches, nausea, and pain. Have been on Ultram-Tramadol for years and have great results from it. Have a disease called Spondolytis and have been on methadone and everything else but Ultram-Tramadol has been the best solution. Have no side effects as long as I dont get Amneal Tramadol. I am also having the same problem trying to find Mylan Tramadol.

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DC Says:

I had a hard time finding Mylan, too. I called five different pharms to see which generic they carried. Finally one pharmacist told me it could be ordered and would arrive the next day. Just started on the Mylan, but I had read on several different boards it is the best after the Ultram. Good luck on finding it!

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Brian Says:

I got the Mylan tramadol and pain relief is so much better. I also don't have the headache I get with Amneal.

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Brian Says:

Mylan works much better!

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Brian Says:

Finally got the Mylan tramadol and its like night and dat, so much better.

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katz Says:

The best generic for Ultram (tramadol) is Mylan.

However, there is no comparison, in my opinion,
between the brand name Ultram, and ANY generic.

Say what you will....but it is more potent.
The FDA +- 20% adds some cogency to what I am saying,

The brand has the same feel as Lortab

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Docf Says:

I agree. The Mylan generic Ultram (tramadol) is profoundly more potent than the Amneal (carried by

I also agree that the actual Brand Ultram is superior
to both of them, if you can afford it.

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DEW Says:

CVS Pharmacy switched to Amneal Tramadol HCL 50mg. I have used several other generic tramadols in the past. All worked EXCEPT AMNEAL which did not touch my pain from rheumotoid arthritis and fibromyalgia

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Shirley D Says:

I find absolutely NO difference between the Mylan and Amneal brands.
I'm a long time tramadol user due to arthritis, and I KNOW tramadol
well. There IS NO difference in the two, and only a slight difference
between Ultram and it's generics. I find Teva brand tramadol to also
be a quality generic, equal to the other two mentioned. A generic
tramadol I don't particularly care for, because the caplets are so
hard that I don't think they are well absorbed, is the long thin white
caplets that have "377" imprinted on one side. I don't even know
the manufacturer of these.

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howarderay Says:

Hate to say it guys but i've been on Mylan for several years and it has always worked but the last two prescriptions havent worked. They must have changed their formula. To prove it i have some of the older ones I've saved over time and i can take them and they work just fine. Now my dilema is finding a brand that does work or pay the extra cost for Ultram.

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Jackie Says:


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Terri Says:

I have never tried Mylan but I am using Teva now. Teva works pretty well, but Amneal is HORRIBLE. I have been getting the Teva at CVS

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Terri Says:

My CVS carries Teva which works well too.

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Terri Says:

The long thin white ones are Teva

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Abigail Says:

You're right Jackie, and some of them are causing very dangerous side effects. I take tramadol for spinal stenosis, osteo arth., and the pains that they cause in legs, back, joints, etc. At first I was given codones, hydrocodone, oxycodone, etc. But the "high" from codones were restricting me too much. In about 2002, and again in 2005, I broke bones in my feet, the 5th metatarsal in each one. Anyway, I asked my doctor for an alternative to a codones and he prescribed Ultracet. It was great because I was able to get relief and still function because it didn't cause any weirdness. Each time I took it for about 6 months. After that, in 2008, I suffered a vision loss, my site is now 20/400, and very distorted with no visual acuity, which caused many life changes, including the ability to drive. I was too young to settle into being completely restricted so I began to learn to walk, ride the bus, etc. Consequently, pains that I never felt before started manifesting, my left leg would go numb and "disappear", pains in elbows, shoulders, knees, etc., all " woke" up. After the analysis I was diagnosed with severe stenosis in my spine, osteo arthritis, Morton's neuromas in both feet, damaged knees. (I was an outside technician when I worked) Anyway, I besides not wanting the weirdness I felt with the codones, I, now, also had an equilibrium problem, so requested tramadol and naprosyn for pain, instead of the codones, and it controlled the pain fairly well, without causing further disruption in my functional abilities. I was able to cut down on the prescribed doses, so I always had a few left, which I saved each month. About 2 or so, years ago, I noticed that the tramadol was causing me to become depressed. There was no other reason for it, but to be sure I went ahead and took some of the tramadol I had saved, from older scripts, and the depression stopped. The next month, I switched to a different drug store of the same pharmacy group, to see if it was a bad batch.

The depression started again, only this time it also caused "unwanted and increased thoughts", which interfered with sleep, concentration, etc. The next month, I switched to a different pharmacy "group", this time the tramadol caused my feelings to be " gone", I felt stifled and indifferent. I tried to go without the tramadol, but I was unable to just stop. My heart started palpitating very fast, I was panicky, my body felt like it was becoming a gnarled cramp. I talked to my doctor and he offered to switch me to a codones, or methadone, but I decided to try different pharmacies again instead. Since then I have tried 6 pharmacies, and have had problems ranging from depression, and indifference, to animosity, impatience and anger about even the smallest things, like not having any lettuce. I finally returned to the original pharmacy and even though they say not to, because of the similarities in the components, I have had to counter the side effects with anti-depressants, or anti-anxiety meds. I have had nothing, NO, negative drug interaction. I know the "tramadol" formula that is being dispensed throughout (my city anyway) has been tampered with at the production level. At one point the script that I picked up caused bad thoughts and hostile feelings. I was able to work through this logically because my emotions were affected from a physical standpoint and not because of any circumstances, but it is still miserable. Lately the scripts have not been as bad, they remove the pain, but they still cause similar side affects, so I don't know what to do except consider going the metadone route for the pain :( Does anyone know if there are any group complaint actions with the FDA about the substandard medication that the generic companies are pumping out? I can only imaging what's happening to those with life and death situations who must rely on their medications to work.

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walmart carries the mylan but I get no results at all from it. Walgreens carries Zydus for tramadol and I find it is the best I have ever tired and kills my pain so much quicker. I couldn't get it so I am now tying the teva form CVS I hope it works as well because it is 125 w/o ins where my at Walgreens using my card from them its 15 dollars for the same amount of 180 tramadol so that killed me but what are going ot do. Hope my replies helps someone and good luck to everyone is so much better than taking those really hard narcotics. don't get wrong the tramadol are addicting for me though I take a subscribed cause they work and I don't feel any high off them. Thank the good Lord above Amen.

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Brandon Says:

Amneal (aka 627's) are absolutely HORRIBLE! I had been taking tramadol 2x/day in the am and occasionally 2 in the afternoon for 6 months with no ill side effects. I then picked up my prescription and the pills were different. I thought nothing of it until I actually took a dose of my usual 2 and I barely felt any pain relief, I didn't get the usual energy associated with my previous tramadol use, and my mood went hostile and complacent instead of happy like the tramadol normally use to make me.

The long oblong pills were the best I have taken so far. Consistently effective...this amneal garbage should be pulled from the market.

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Abigail Says:

Brandon, I "know" that Generics companies are now producing medications that are even below substandard in quality and benefits. The companies that produce them obviously do not fear that the FDA will actually check enough samples to tell the difference. And, IF the FDA is conducting reviews they, themselves, must be doing a substandard job and are not comparing the Generics formulas to the brand name formulas. The Generic companies are substituting essential components of the medications (I know it's true for tramadol, gabapentin, & clonidine) with something that is far from what made the original formulas beneficial enough to be approved, by the FDA, for the Brand Name. Or, the are omitting it all together. In any case they have basically been producing "knock off" medications with fake substandard, nonbeneficial ingredients. I know several people with very serious issues who are having weird problems with generic medications that they didn't have before, and like some of us, tested them against their left over meds of the same generic brand and have experienced extreme differences between them. Someone mentioned, on this feed, or another, that some of our generic meds are now being made in mass quantity, in other countries like India, who have no loyalty to, or concern for the health and welfare of American citizens. If that's true, we have ALL been downgraded to substandard welfare style healthcare in America. If anyone know if anyone has started some kind of group FDA complaint, I would like to add my name on it. I'm sure that many others would too.

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Tina Says:

I have Celiac & have been gluten free for 5 years. They say the Amneal are gluten free but I'm having a terrible reaction to it. I have joint pain like I have with gluten & I've become depressed & so sleepy that I can't work. My pharmacy is going to get Teva in for me. I just have to pay out of pocket for them. I've had Mylan before & never had any problems. Amneal brand is questionable.

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