Tramadol Withdrawal Risks

Adelle Says:

I have read several posts that mention the risk of seizures related to stopping Tramadol. Could anyone give me more information about this? Any additional information on withdrawal symptoms would be also appreciated as well as the symptoms and risks of being on very high dosages. ( I have seen mention about "Serotonin Syndrome" related to Tramadol - what is that and what are the symptoms?) Thanks in advance for all info !!

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Verwon Says:

In most cases, for the risk of seizures to be present, someone would have to be taking high doses for a long period of time and then just stop taking it abruptly, so they go into full withdrawal.

Learn more Tramadol details here.

If you check out the link I've posted above and scroll down to the 'Physical dependence and withdrawal" section, you'll see more details on it.

However, the only reports I'm finding that link it the development of serotonin syndrome are those where someone was also taking something else that affects serotonin, such as some antidepressants and mood stabilizers.

But there are withdrawal effects that one can experience that are very similar to withdrawing from SSRI, SARI, SNRI and other similar antidepressants.

Has it been prescribed for you?

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Mel Says:

Seizures can occur with tramadol, particularly if high doses are used or there is concomitant use of medicines that lower the seizure threshold. The use of tramadol with serotonergic medicines can increase the risk of serotonin syndrome. To reduce the likelihood of these serious reactions occurring, prescribe the lowest effective doses of tramadol and avoid its use in patients with a history of seizure disorders. In patients with risk factors for seizures or serotonin syndrome, it may be prudent to consider other analgesics instead of tramadol. Check out for more info from this site: I recommend you to talk to your doctor first. I believe every person is reacts differently on meds.

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