Tramadol Hcl 50 Mg Tab Mylan

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one side of pill is a M and the other side of the pill is T7

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Mr. McKinney Says:

what type of drug is tramadol hcl 50 mg. is it narcotic, like morphine or codene, is more like accetomedaphen(tylonal), asprin or what? What is it addictive, not addictive, have been given it for pain and having trouble finding out info on it...

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Verwon Says:

Tramadol is an interesting medication, the FDA has actually changed its classification several times. Basically, when inventing this drug, what they were trying to do was retain the analgesic properties of an opiate, but cut out the side effects and dependence or addiction issues.

What they go was a pain killer that is actually somewhere in between. It does not work as effectively as most narcotics and it can cause the same side effects as an opiate, including dependence and addiction.

It is commonly sold in the US under the brand name Ultram.

Some common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, dry mouth and constipation.

You can read more about it here:


Did you have any other questions?

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Jowy Says:

I was given tramadol while waiting o see a specialist on whether I need bak surgery or not. My lower back is severly messed up, my question is whether it is the tramadol or my back pain that is causing my stomach to swell, i am 70 years old and actually look pregnant. I am wondering weather it is my back causing this problem or the tramadol. thank you

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JOHN Says:

I have DDD, the doctor has taken me off lower tab 5mg and now on tramadol HCL 50MG TAB MYLAN. I have taken up to 3 at a time with little or no relief. What can I do?

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Glenda Says:

My doctor has given me Tramadol HCL 50MG Tablet ( 1 every 12 hours),after taking me off Tylenol Arthritis because of liver problems. Can I drive with this medicine? I have been taking this for a few months, how long does it take to get addicitive and is there a medicine not addicitive that is as good?

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jason dave rhoden Says:

My name is jason and i have kidney problems and my doctor put me on Tramadol for painand now i am haveing prodlems in my kidney

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sarah Says:

I am going thru withdrawls from percocet,is there anything i can take to help me

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fleurette Says:

Please just deal with it. It will soon pass. No needto get addicted to something else like Methadone.

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elizabeth Says:

I had severe infected bacteria in my hand. while in hospital was given tramadol. when discharged had presciption for tramadol hcl for the pain. pain still exists and wondering if i have become addicted to taking them?

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fleurette Says:

I am not a doctor I just work in a opiate dependence field. Just because I still have pain does not mean u r addicted to it. Its usually when u can't sleep and jerking of the legs that are symptoms of withdrawal. Sweating loose stool and stomach cramping.

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Judy Says:

I just began taking tramadol 50 mg and have questions on taking the tramadol. I am also on citalopram 40 mg and take maxalt for migraine headaches. Should I separate when I take these medications or doesn't it matter? I read the information that came with the prescription and have questions now about Serotonin Syndrome.

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fleurette Says:

Did all the medications come from the same Physician?

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Judy Says:

No, but the MD who prescribed the tramadol is aware of all my medications.

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fleurette Says:

Your Physician needs to put u on a schedule to take your meds so the don't counter act against each other.

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Judy Says:

Thank you

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Johnny Says:

During the first few days of taking Tramadol I experienced drowsiness and then, strangely enough, I felt energized and a mood change for the better, happier more optimistic. Does this drug affect emotions or is it simply the lack or lessening of pain that is causing this unexpected consequence?

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Mycarrion Says:

@Johnny, I was told specifically that this was a low-level anti-depressant as well as an opiate-like pain blocker. I've just taken the first dose this hour, so the jury is still out.

If there are withdrawal symptoms from stopping this medication that are similar to that of an opiate I will be less than pleased with my doctor's decision to change my personally chosen course, particularly if this drug proves to be ineffective when my choice was working.

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John Says:

Taking tramadol 50 hcl helps you get through and barely have no side affects withdrawal.

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Hedda1227 Says:

I'm sorry to say- but I was on Tramadol 50 3 times per day, with an occasional extra 1 or 2 per day as needed. I felt well, not GREAT using tramadol. So after about 6 weeks of use, my script ran out. OH BOY!!!!! Was I in for the time of my life!!!! I'll never forget day 2 of withdrawal (was the day of the Japan tsunami)... AWEFUL!!!! Depression, anxiety, restlessness, body aches- you name it!! Oh my God- and the night sweats & insomnia!! I can tell you that for me there was absolutely no difference in a Tramadol withdrawal and an opiate withdrawal. Been through both and Tramadol "took the cake"!!!!

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Neesie Says:

I am in situation just like you. I have taken tramadol 325 mg and my doc recently gave me tramadol hcl 50mg. the 50 mg doesnt seem to help me too much. Do you know the difference in these 2 strengths?? Thank you

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