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Hello all. I usually take Vicodin when I have bad back pain, but wanted to try something that wouldn't knock me out. I asked my Dr about Tramadol and he said he'd only prescribe one or the other.

Long story short I filled my script and got green and orange capsules in a blister pack from Zenlabs. The pack says the drug is Zendol-50, containing 50 mg of Tramadol. It was produced for Zenlabs Canada in India. Now, these are very different than the little white pills I'm used to seeing. I took 3 last night (never taken that much before) and didn't feel much of anything. Can anyone help tell me if I'm taking some unknown drug or the real thing? Like most Indian meds, there is no imprint on the pill itself.

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Verwon Says:

Sorry, without an imprint it is impossible to postiviely identify what it is, there are many posts like this regarding drugs from India.

You should be informed, however, that Tramadol is NOT as potent as the other narcotics on the market, such as the Hydrocodone in Vicodin, so it is NOT going to have the same effect, they tend to affect most people more like an anti-inflammatory and be pretty mild.

If you wanted to try something different and your doctor would not prescribe both, why didn't you just get a prescription from him for the Tramadol?

Another question, if you've never taken them before, why did you take 3 at once? That can be very dangerous.

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Original Poster Says:

I know that Tramadol isn't nearly as strong, and doesn't give you the safe effect that narcotics do. However, I HAVE taken it before after a car accident a few years back, and know what it should feel like. It worked pretty well actually. This is also why 150mg didn't seem like an unsafe dosage if it was real, because my prescribed dose was one to two 100mg tabs every 8 hours as needed after that accident.

My doc has only seen me a few times (new to the area) and I assume he's still cautious about drug-seeking. I really just NEED the vicodin for some nights when the pain is too bad, so I couldn't give that up in exchange for something that'd be good enough the other 90% of the time. So, instead of trying another doctor, I figured ordering a medicine I already have taken before online, without the intent to abuse it or use it in conjunction with the vicodin, would be fine.

As it stands, I'm going to write back the website I ordered from and attempt to get my money back. I won't order online again. It was silly to think that bypassing a doctor was a good idea.

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pete Says:

i was given tramadol 50 mg capsule to give me relief from pain in my legs which happen sometimes. the doctor say it doesnt affect my kidneys. before i was taking voltaran 50 mg n it was effective but the present doctor told me not to take it any more l it was prescribed to me by another doctor. please tell me what is the different between this 2 drugs.

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Verwon Says:

The Voltaran is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory, they are very hard on the liver and kidneys.

Tramadol, however, is a different class of medication and does not have as bad of an effect on your organs.

It can cause side effects, such as: nausea, drowsiness, dizziness and dry mouth.

Read more:


Do you have any other questions?

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Nick McDaniel Says:

When you ordered the zendol, did you have to say it was for a company. Or did you just say it was a private order. How much were they.

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Pam Says:

What is the difference between Tranadol 50 mg & Diclofen Pot 50 mg for arthritis? Should I be taking them on the same days? I've taken Dicloen for 20 years from a specialist & with good results now I've moved & my new doctor here gave me Tranadol. Is one as good as the other??? Liver is checked once a year & it's fine...

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stuart baum Says:

i had a micro disectomy last march, with severe nerve damage to my left leg. i had the nerve damage prior to my surgery. i was on heavy narcotics for the pain and just recently went to a pain specialist who prescribed tramadol 50mg. i wanted to get off the narcotics and was able to do so. i take 100mg three times a day, and while the pain is more difficult to control, i am not taking any narcotics. is there any other non-narcotic i should be looking at or is tramadol the best alternative?

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Ronald99 Says:

You dont want narcotics but your not getting the pain relief, Stop thinking a non narcotic pill is good for you if its not working and your having to seek more or higher doses when a narcotic pill will work without ingesting and further damaging yourself with ultram trying to control the pain. "euphoria" people this will not happen unless your prescribed more than whats needed to control your pain, If a person is seeking a mail order and risk taking a drug that is not made here is a crazy person, they could send you rat poison and you take three of them, Your pain is not under control and be honest with your doctor and dont try lying just tell the truth and hope for the best.

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race director Says:

Ultram seems to be pretty good if you have leg and or knee pain that makes walking hard. It needs to be slowly increased dose wise and slowly decreased if you need to stop it. I didn't know this as my doc. never mentioned that it can cause bad effects to stop it without slowly tapering down. I had arm and leg jerking for 2-3 months as if I suddenly had a neuromuscular disorder. It was rather bad. Best to you.

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Lou Says:

you should be very careful when taking tramadol you can become addicted to it and getting off of it is very hard withdrawls are horrible. I never had problems with any of the narcotics but after taking tramadol I am not able to go with out it for even a day.

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nurse Says:

ultram can cause seizures., because it lowers the brain's seizure threshold, so be careful with higher dosages.

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JEAN Says:

I have multiple sclerosis and have severe peripheral nerve pain, in my hands and feet. I now take 100mg of tramadol every 4 hours The maxiumum allowable is 400mg/day. BE CAREFUL! When a doctor had prescribed more, I thought I was having an MS exacerbation. The neurologist on call said it was an overdose of tramadol.

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tracy Says:

i also have ms and my dr prescribed tramadol 7 years ago-i got my refill and didnt notice it when i picked it up, but i didnt get my full 30 day supply, have you taken anything else that is even close to the same effect-my dr wont refill until the reg time.

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tenchuy66 Says:

Is taking Tramadol without prescribtion can be fatal or dangerous. Like if u happen to have a drug test would it show in ur UA? I get 1 o 4 from a friend that she gets from her Dr when I am in very sharp pain i had a pinch nerve in my neck or maybe on my left hind leg but i am afraid to take them cause of that, but then I should discuss this with my doctor

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AMY Says:

i orderded tramadol 50mg at a online pharmacy, when i got them they are yellow and green colored capsules, i just got them today, they have no number or writing on the capsule, the package address is mumbai india, i am just wondering are these really tramadol 50mg? please help i need to know! Thank you so much!!!!

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ken Says:

My dr. gave me tramadol 50mg, and I was wondering if this would show up in a drug test as a narcodic...I take 1 of them 3 times a day.

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chris Says:

I know a guy who knows a guy hee hee

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john Says:

it mite, but they are more apt to look for the harder stuff like coke and pot. that and with the Dr's script you should be fine if ever questioned.

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mik008 Says:

i just have one thing to say,are you crazy taking something that not only comes from a third world country i guess you didn't here of how many baby's died in china from black market baby formula they just for got to put anything of nutritional value in it,last i heard that was pretty important to there survival,these are the types of things that you are supporting when you buy these what ever they are good luck because next time you might not need it.

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super91 Says:

If your doctor gave you the scrip for tramadol and you have the bottle show your prob. officer and you will be fine

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