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Constipation then black stools

My husband was diagnosed with RCC in Sept. 2011. Just started on Torisel infusions and after 1st infusion he had terrible constipation, stomach pain and very tired. Took a laxative and then diarrhea. Had 2nd infusion yesterday and now has had three black stools. We are really worried. Has anyone had any experience with this? ## Torisel, which contains the active ingredient Temsirolimus has been known to cause black stools and blood in the stool. Learn more Torisel details here. The best advice I can really give here is to have him contact his doctor, he may need them to run some tests, because if he is having internal bleeding somewhere, they need to treat it as soon as possible. How is he feeling? Is he still showing signs of being tired, weak? Any more stomach pain? ## Thank you. The ...

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