Toplep Contraindications And Interactions

chann Says:

I'm a bit concerned - Why does the doctor prescribe epilepsy and bipolar medication to treat a migraine patient? Won't that cause a migraine sufferer to actually develop epilepsy or bipolar? Can Toplep med actually cause damage to a migraine patients and is it safe to use? I'm 5 days on Toplep 50mg. It really helps for my headaches, but I'm worried, I definitely don't have bipolar or any other depression conditions. Please help. Should I carry on with the med?

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Verwon Says:

Because they can sometimes help with conditions other than what they are intended to treat and it is okay for a doctor to prescribe a medication for off label uses. The NIH lists the typical side effects as possibly including nausea, dizziness, headache, mood swings, headache, and weight changes.

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Sphush Says:

Hi. I'm on Lantanon antidepressants and because of migraines, my doctor has put me on 25mg Toplet. I would like to know whether or not there are any drug to drug interactions? Thank you.

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David Says:

Im taking 25 mg lozartan, is it safe to drink cold medicine?

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