Topamax And Binge Eating Disorder

Lauren Says:

After trying two antidepressants and multiple therapists, my doctor has decided to prescribe me Topamax for my binge eating disorder. I used to also be bulimic, but thanks to therapy have ceased purging for about six months now. I wanted to get feedback from those whose have been prescribed Tomamax for binge eating disorder and/or bulimia.
My binging includes consuming anything edible, including expired items in the trash and edible vitamins/supplements/spices, so it is a very serious case. I will binge to the point of illness and have gotten food poisoning from eating rancid food.
Has anyone with binge eating disorder found Topamax to help them? If so, what dosage were you on and how long did it take to get relief? I am afraid to take another medication only to be let down again, but I am very desperate and determined to get better. Any advice would be very helpful (and please, do not make fun of my binging habits. I am already humiliated enough at what I do and am trying very hard to stop.).

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Verwon Says:

I don't have any experience with such disorders, but did have a random idea.

Have you tried not keeping so much stuff around the house? it may be helpful to buy only a day or twos worth of groceries, at once, to minimize what's available to you, when the binge moments hit.

It could also be helpful to make sure that all trash, which may contain rancid food is disposed of as soon as possible and not left to sit nearby, where you can access it.

These are the types of things they would do, if you were in an actual treatment facility.


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cara Says:

Hi, I have been using topamax for 5 weeks now and I have binged once. I have had a serious eating disorder, which has covered the entire spectrum, for 7 years and this is a breakthrough for me. I take it at night, and I feel more measured and controlled during the day. It also controls my appetite and mood. cheers

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Susan Says:

Hello, brand Topamax has significantly assisted in my binge eating disorder. I've experienced less side effects on brand. There are side effects (read up on them) they will be different for all individuals. I take Topamax for seizures with other medications, but I have read that 50mg assists weight loss and cravings. I take 75mg 2x a day and take the second dose at 6pm to assist with cravings in the evening. You'll need to increase slowly and the indented results, reduction in cravings, etc. can take up to 4 weeks, you'll need to be patient. There are 25mg tabs, so you can ask about taking throughout the day, set alarms on your phone and be compliant. Work with your doctor, but ultimately, you'll know what works best for you. Keep a journal of side effects and of what times they occur. It will assist your doctor on dosage adjustment. Also, if I haven't already mentioned, joining a 12 step program, Over Eaters Anonymous, for support and addiction treatment. I wish you the best, I understand your struggle, you are not alone.

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Sasha Says:

You are not alone! I have suffered from bulimia for many years and have been in recovery for two years, but they have not been perfect. My doctor knows how I feel about medications and weight gain as a side effect, so he has been good about weight neutral drugs. He finally prescribed Topamax and I take 75mg - one at bedtime and one in the afternoon. It has helped. I was also going to mention to check out dialectical behavior therapy or DBT skills for emotion regulation that help you when you feel that you are going to start a binge eating episode. There are many good books out there on DBT skills and online too. I wish you all the best.

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lovelashes Says:

I just got a perscription for Topomax but in the generic form. I get up about 7 to 8 times a night and go downstairs to binge 8. I've never had this problem in all my life and I know it is a direct result of situational anxiety I have in my life. I am also on prozac but can't afford counseling once a week (no insurance) so I'm reading as many books as I can to try to do self therapy as much a possible. This weight gain from the extra eating is making me even more depressed. I so pray this med works! Anyone else in a similiar situation? Did this med work? How much weight did u lose?

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Sarah Says:

I've been on the generic form of Topomax for a few months now, 50 mg at bedtime for my migraines. I had been taking Vyvanse (40 mg in the morning during the school year for ADHD) for about 2 years before I started the Topomax and while the Vyvanse lowers my appetite, the Topomax makes me feel like I don't have a stomach. Which is great and all - I rarely overeat... okay like next to never. But when I'm stressed, which I keep myself a little bit too busy, I can completely forget to eat or sometimes I get nauseous at the thought of food even though I haven't eaten anything all day. I end up force feeding myself a slice of lunch meat or toast when I feel like passing out and I remember it's because I hadn't eaten anything... It gets embarrassing, my roommates get it, but they're always checking on me, like, "have you eaten yet today?" Eh, they love me.

So YES the medication works as an appetite suppressant. But if you're stressed, get your spit under control because it can spiral - I've lost like 30 pounds over the past 2 months. I've started doing yoga again so I'm not too worried about it, and hey I could have stood to drop a few, just not so quick and not so unhealthily (not my style). Good luck everyone! I hope I helped!

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ceecee Says:

Hi Lauren,

I feel your pain :( Topamax significantly helped me with binge urges even at 25mg. Warning though - It made me feel incredibly suicidal at 25mg a day and this persisted for a week or so as I titrated, I don't think this was helped by the fact that I wasn't eating much which also effects mood. At higher doses (50mg split into 25mg x 2 a day) it had more of a sedating effect which helped with mood, but it also severely impaired my ability to do my job which is eventually why (at 50mg x 2 a day) I discontinued. It also affected my respiration and I found it much harder to exercise without getting short of breath very quickly (generally I'm quite fit, so this was a surprise).

In short, it will likely help with binging and purging (especially since it changes the acid content of your body and makes your purges really acidic and painful!! A nice deterrent!) but for me, I couldn't tolerate the inability to exercise, various effects it had on mood and although I lost some weight, I think it probably helps people lose weight MORE if they arn't really obsessive about food to begin with. e.g. a normal person who eats when they are hungry and stops when they are full, will hardly ever eat on it because they are always full. But, for me, it did lead to some unusual cravings (although I never binged).

If I have one word of warning, it is this - when I started to titrate down (it's very important you do this slowly as Topamax changes the level of fluid in your brain stem/spine and if you come off quickly you may have problems - i think the talk of seizures is very over-hyped on this website fyi- but just go slow) you'll find that you may get overwhelming urges to binge. For me, this time was the worst binging/purging period I've had in 8 years. I'm not sure why this happened, but it took me by surprise - i have overwhelming cravings I couldn't control, and it really affected my attention span. A month later, i'm returning to normal (as normal as I can be...)

I don't mean to be negative, and you may have success while you're on the med, as long as you can hack the side effects. If you can't, you might want to try Lexapro if you haven't already. It was originally designed to help night bingers and for some people it can really be like a switch in your brain where the urge to overeat is totally switched off. I had good success with lexapro but had to discontinue it for other reasons, but it's defo worth a try, if you've not tried it.

Best of luck - I'm hoping it all goes well for you. xoxo

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Jes Says:

Hello! May I ask which type of doctor one needs to visit to get a Topamax prescription for BED?
I have been searching and would really appreciate the help.
Thank you!

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Keike Says:

I went to a very thorough weight loss Dr here in Louisville Ky... he prescribed the topamax and a water pill along with phentermine

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Deborah Says:

I started on 25 mg ten days ago and by the next day I lost the urge to binge. I am on my 11th day (increased to 50 mg on day seven) and have not had binged once. I have been bukimic for over 30 years and cannot remember a time when I felt like a "normal" eater which I do now. I eat my meal and I feel full. I was so desperate before and feel like an absolute miracle has occurred. I am supposed to increase to 75 mg on day fourteen.

I do not have any physical side effects although I do feel that my emotions are much closer to the surface. I believe that is because the binging fulfilled the function of blocking my emotions/feelings and now I have to face them.

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Suz Says:

Hi Deborah,

I am Brand new to even coming close to reaching out for my problem. What struck me about your post, was that you said yo had it for 30yrs... I felt alone, due to my age..At 48, I am outnumbered and don't quite fit the profile of a teenager with the disorder.

I found this page, as I had read about Topamax (self-help for this humiliating affliction). Obviously, the self help can only go so far before shoving it way back in the mind to deal with another day, another year, or more.. Not to mention, I have to Admit this to a Dr. and try to request a drug such as Topamax ..

Need to find Help in NW Indiana....Next to impossible I think....

Thank you for sharing your; it has given me some hope here

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Bulimic20years Says:

I'm in NW Indiana, too. Have you found help?

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Jaims Says:

I got a topamax rx for night terrors from my counselor

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Golf Girl Says:

I am a RN and people with binge eating disorder will go buy what they need to binge on. So having food in the house doesn't matter. This disorder is a brain chemistry issue where there is a fight between what a person knows they should do versus want and reward. If your doctor won't help you, seek out someone who specializes in food and eating disorders. BED has it's own diagnostic criteria now and is getting national attention. Hang in there!

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I'm not a Dr. just a someone who has been on Topamax for years in combination at the beginning for my migraines and + side affect for gaining more than I would have like to after child birth yes it was very beneficial best and lowest dose 100mg X2 day but also keep in mind sweetie that I was not a bulimic and you should need consult a nutritionist to get the best advise but ultimately I listen to my own body when it said it was full I stopped eating also I kept very active that helps a lot I hope this helps ultimately you need listen to your heart and listen to your stomach you will know when you know when your content piece be with you. 0:-)

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Clara Says:

How long did topamax take to work on your apetite? I've been taking it for 4 days now and I have binged every day since then... How long should i need to wait?

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Maria Says:

Thank you for your post. I'm going to see a doctor on Sunday and I'd want to get a prescription for Topamax because I've researched it and I really hope it'll help me with my b/p cycles. Right now it's terrible and I might have hit the rock bottom.... However I'm not sure how to ask the Dr. for a prescription and I'm afraid of not getting one.

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suz Says:

Hi. Bulimic20years, I have Interestingly I am gsining rapidly, and now wonder if I slow down,.I will gain even MORE...

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Sheila Says:

So sorry. I have BID as well. I have found of I don't keep something in the house I will drive out late at night to get it. Vviance*not sure of spelling) is an ADD drug just aporoved. I read articles from mayo and other reputable sites.
I am like you. I DO KNOW YOUR PAIN.
I would be happy to stay in touch, sometimes people can help each other.

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Celticlady Says:

Hi there

Can anybody help?

I need to try Topamax and/or Vyanse. I have had a severe eating disorder for many years, but due to a co-existing rare, severe and undiagnosed hormonal problem (found the diagnosis myself and the cure) also for many years, what I thought was the hormonal problem was the eating disorder. The quality of my life was dreadful for many years due to these two major and very debilitating conditions and the 'extreme' adverse symptoms. I have lost so much (chance at family life, marriage, employment opportunities etc), but now I have this added awareness, I need to try to 'finally' go forward with my life. My GP (live in London) has refused both drugs. I have now requested a psychiatric referral. Any other ideas as to how I might manage to get hold of these drugs? I feel I can't get these drugs soon enough. I want them yesterday. I want to finally feel better and re-establish my life on a much healthier footing.

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