Took Wrong Loestrin Fe Pill

Annie Says:

I took my Sunday white pill yesterday, skipping my placebo I was supposed to take, what do I do?

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Verwon Says:

HI, Annie! How are you?

There's really nothing to worry about here, it will really just alter your cycle by a day for the new month of taking them, but you'll still be protected against pregnancy.

Unless your doctor instructs you otherwise, you should just toss that placebo pill and continue with the active ones.

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Francesca Says:

I'm on lo loestrin fe. I was intimate in Saturday, my last week of the pack was from Sunday onward. I accidentally took my 2 white pills a day early, on Tuesday I should've taken my last blue pill and accidentally took a white pill that day and Wednesday so today Thursday my last active pill day I had the last blue pill still remaining and took it since the white pills were finished and am required to take a active pill today..what are my risks or am I ok? I've been in these pills for more than 11 years

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