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At one point in my 20’s I had sunspots. They looked horrible like I had some horrible thing going on with my skin. On both arms and chest. I went to 3 different derematolgist and every one of them gave me a different diagnosis and still nothing worked.... I was devastated! I had a girlfriend of mine tell me one night at a party that she too “use” to have sunspots. I’m like how did you get rid of them? She said go to the local tanning bed salon and get the lotion arrest. Of course I went and within a week all my sunspots were gone!!! Finally! Hallelujah! That was some time back ... the problem is I can’t find any anywhere not in stores sometimes online but it always says out of stock not sure when it will be back in stock. I’m so upset. What can I do? ...

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Is it safe to use tolnaftate after its expired? ## Is it safe to use tolnoftate after one month of expiration date? ## I used 11 years old expired (yes, thats not a typo) spray tinactin (expired 2005, its 2016) continuously for multiple weeks without any negative things happening. Its hard to say if it was helping my athlete's foot though. ## Mine is 10 years old.. I'm using it and it seems to be working a little. ## Hello Govezy, From what I have read on the manufacturer's website it should be safe to use the expired tolnaftate but it has no guarantee of performing as intended. It seems that the expiration date is an estimate of how long the powder/cream/spray will be able to maintain optimal effectiveness. I would advise that you simply get a new one if you would like it t...

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