Tofacitinib Citrate Used To Treat Baldness

Dave Says:

When do you think Tofacitinib Citrate will be made available to all that suffer from hair loss? Can this be found over the counter anywhere?

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MAAT Says:

Hi Dave, just like you I wonder why no info is posted on a possible release of a cream containing this one and only compound Tofacitinib. One would assume that with the recent result of this citrate many would strigger a whole bunch of little pharmacy companies to offer a kind of trial with various concentrates.

I looked at suppliers of the raw material and found a few ifrom which most are Chiees. The prices vary and are not so expensive. Most recently I contacted a demartologist and offered myself as a guinee pig and financing all theprocess to create a cream in order to see the result on a part of my AAT body. He will give me his answer in thee weeks from now. I will post his reaction and possible results with the formulas.

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Dave Says:

MAAT, thanks a lot for your response. I am interested in seeing what comes of your request to the dermatologist so I will be looking out for your posted results. I do sense a cure for balding is in the near future.

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