Tizanidine Medication

Cyndi Says:

I have had hallucinations and terrible, very realistic nightmares. I finally figured out that it was only after I took my tizanidine. I thought I was going crazy. I am not going to take it anymore and hope that I return to normal. My husband also complained about me acting and speaking unusually.

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David Says:

Glad to hear you stopped taking it. Tizanidine does seem like a pretty dangerous medication when it comes down to possible side effects.

MedlinePlus lists "changes in vision" as well as "seeing things or hearing voices that do not exist" to be common but serious side effects of Tizanidine.

Learn More: Tizanidine Details

Have you already started looking into other alternative treatment options?

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Angelz Says:

I have had hallucinations when taking this as well! They usually occur in the dark and it is pretty scary to go through. I quit taking them as well!

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Angelz Says:

These are the symptoms I suffered, but visual and auditory hallucinations! It was crazy!

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Angelz Says:

David those are the exact types of hallucinations I suffered, both visual and auditory disturbances!

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Jen Says:

I have hallucinations in the dark. I go into a sleeping coma for a couple of hrs wake up then see colors faces, ghost like figures. The other day woke up saw a 2 ft spider. I moved so quick up out of bed. Moved like my body is unable to do. Suffered severe pain from moving like I was limber. Screaming I woke the entire house. My kids knew what was going on and replied." Mom you need some new medication "

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Fibropain Says:

I take tizanidine 2 4mg tablets at night for neck and shoulder muscle spasms. I also have visual and auditory hallucinations. I actually look forward to the hallucinations for they relax me. I usually see patterns, letters, numbers, puzzle pieces (I was doing a puzzle before taking it) and moving caricature on my wall. I used to see scary moving images when I closed my eyes until I figured that I was able to change what I was seeing by thinking something different. For example, one of the scary images was a lion devouring someone, but then I would think of a beach with palm trees and it would change. This medicine works very well for my muscle spasms and I get a treat at the same time

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Katie Says:

What is Tizanidine used for? I just got them. The pill is white, round and has U 169 on it.

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Frankie Says:

My 65 yr old sister has been taking 4 mg Zanaflex (tizanidine) once daily for approximately 3 months. She has cerebral palsy and also takes 5mg diazepam 2x daily and 40 mg Paxil every evening for anxiety/depression. Can the Zanaflex cause her to hallucinate?

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Fred Says:

Second time trying it this weekend... Never again. I was lucky. How the is this s*** still being prescribed? I took 1 in the morning this last Saturday. Had a terrible night's sleep into Christmas Eve, followed by a ton of stomach pain and worse issues. I went to go carolling a little later, had lightheadedness, random tension, dizziness and a god awful stomachache. A kind stranger recognised my issues and gave me a ride home, and a number for an ambulance + the best advice ever: through that f***ing dangerous Zanaflex s*** out and tell big pharma to shove that s*** up their ass. It will f*** you up. It's a question of when and how badly. What the f*** would have happened if I hadn't gotten a ride? The s*** remains in your system for 3 days doing god knows what, then another 7 days to flush out. How is that safe or ok? Methocarbamol is somewhat safer (wears off after 4-5 hours) for example. This s*** ruined my Christmas Eve. My family gave me a ride to ER, I just got back. Let that sink in. A prescribed med after 2 f***ing pills sent me to ER. This s*** is f***ing dangerous as far as I'm concerned and my story is not unique. Keep away from this s*** if your doctor says here take some; it is my experience and opinions say LOUDLY: OH HELL NO! Many other things are 10 times safer.

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Fred Says:

Re: Fred (# 9) Expand Referenced Message

As a follow up on some things that may help others. I only took that crap for text/technech. For me some mix of a heating pad under my neck resting 3 times a day +GENTLY moving it around. I have since my post happily switched from this dangerous toxic crap to a small amount of CBD's, gentle neck rotations, taking a break from the computer regularly and a bit of alert yet relaxing kava's. That mix is helping me just as much as methocarbamol or Zanaflex. That's the force talking in ways I couldn't even dream of in a good way. How the hell did that s*** get approved? Always ask: what happens WHEN things can go wrong. Why doctors turn instantly to that s*** first is beyond me. A Diazepam + good message and a laugh, plus venting works FAR safer and maybe better depending on the issue. Some people swear by a good relaxing bath and a Soma. I started adding copius amounts of fish oils. Stay away from this! It's literally dangerous. Those dishonourable motherless knaives know it! It is not a question of if but when things will go wrong! Do not take my word blindly, google it! 45-50 percent of ALL patients report problems, so in other words every other time you take one you could toss a coin and ask: how f***ed will my day be? I don't know about anyone else. I sill won't let that into my body ever again as that's just a stupid ass idea.

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Dave Says:

if I take 2 tizanidine and stay up too long...i get the craziest visual hallucinations ive ever had.I have experience with LSD as a younger guy and the tizanidine visuals are WAY more realistic and dramatic, LSD distorts and makes what you see breathe or move a bit....but tizanidine makes me literally see things that are there...not like monsters(no mental heath issues either)....but looking at your phone and everything spins or a random kolidaskope of random images. Generally passes quickly before dosing off. BTW im not on any antidepressants or any other drugs or alcohol of ANY kind, so im a good example of this side effect of JUST tizanidine, its not scary because its soo brief....but Very very intense.

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