Tired Of Being Tired

Sleepless Says:

I was on highest Lorcets you could get, Soma, Tramadol, Xanax. 25yrs of these, then doctor all of the sudden quit prescribing them & I had to just stop. I have type 1 Diabetes (45yrs) causing other health problems & am VERY depressed for years. I am unable to work because of all this now & am up about 19hrs out of 24, if lucky. I just want ALL of it to STOP. In NEED of this drug to do so. How do I get SENTONAL in powder form to take one time only & go to sleep. PLEASE HELP ME STOP HURTING....PLEASE HAVE MERCY

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David Says:


Sorry to hear about your situation. I find it very unethical how some doctors can prescribe the same medication for years on end and out of no where suddenly pull the supply cord on you. The amount of withdrawal from 25 years of treatment is hard for someone like myself to fathom.

If it's of any help though, my research leads me to believe that Sintonal (Brotizolam) is only available in tablet form. Apparently the tablets can be taken whole or dissolved under the tongue before you go to bed at night. So that seems to me like it would probably be your best bet unless the doctor recommends trying something different.

I hope this helps!

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Sleepless Says:

Thanks for the concern about my problems..
I am trying to find out if I can get just one lethal dose of
SENTONAL. Just want the world to stop so I can get off.#Tired of Being Tired

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David Says:

Dear Sleepless,

Although I can't imagine what you may be going through after experiencing withdrawals from such potent medications, you don't have to go out like this. There are many other doctors out there who have enough compassion to prescribe what you need for the pain/withdrawals. You just have to look in the right place. Perhaps naabt.org would be a good spot to start locating treatment within your immediate area. Under proper care my understanding is that certain lifestyle/dietary changes may also reduce the impact that diabetes type 1 is having on your body.

Does anyone else have some suggestions that might help this patient find relief?

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HELP Lea Says:

Dear David...Thank you so much for your message in response to my "Tired of Being Tired". Still want the world to stop so I can get off. I can not afford to go to doctors so that is why I am looking for a way to get SENTONAL. HELP

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