Tingling Tongue And Sore Mouth

Paul Says:

I have been taking Indapamide for 18 months in December 2017 I developed a tingling sensation on the tip of my tongue which got progressively worse, eventually affecting my whole mouth and lips. I went to the doctor twice but they could find nothing wrong. In mid January I read an article on line about burning mouth syndrome which said that a potential cause could be blood pressure medication, so in desperation I stopped taking Indapamide, within a day my symptoms started to improve and there days later have almost disappeared. Has anyone heard of Indapamide causing this problem.

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Hipless Lady Says:

Yes I also have this sore burning tongue, but mostly on the one side of my tongue. I am soo frustrated I actually made an appointment with my mouth hygenist. I was thinking that it must be something wrong in my mouth.

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Verwon Says:

It is not among the typical side effects that the NIH lists, they usually include nausea, dizziness, headache, increased urination, dehydration and hypotension.

However, there is no way to really say how any given medication is going to affect anyone that takes it. That said, if you stopped taking it and things improved, that is likely a good sign that it was a contributing factor and you should speak to your doctor about this problem. There are other medications that you can try.

Hipless Lady, are you on any medications?

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