The Side Effects Of Revatio
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carolyn Says:

Revatio the side effects
what are the chances that i will go blind . Has anyone on this site known someone who went blind because of revatio? I have chronic pulmanary hypertension and i am in danger of dying if i don't take this medicine.
my doctor told me he is trying to save my life by giving it to me. I am hoping that somebody out there can help put my mind more at ease.I am 51 years old and have been fighting it for several months now.
thank you

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Easy E 144 Says:

Relations does not cause eye loss, that is a fact! ,my grandmother took revatio for 5 years for pulmonary hypertension. I use them for viagro. No problems with my grandma nor myself. He'll of a viagro. She better be ready!!

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Verwon Says:

This used Sildenafil to help control hypertension.

The optical problems associated with this medication are actually very rare and occur in a very low percentage of people that use it, many also clear up with the discontinuation of the drug.

You can read more on these here:


Have you spoken to yur doctor or pharmacist about these concerns?

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