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Mexilover Says:

Prazepam is not sold here in the United States due to special qualities it has that are basically a threat to PROFITS here in the United States and anywhere else where it's special properties are known. I used it very successfully in 1990 but then it went off the market and I am looking for a way to buy it through another country, hopefully not from Mexico - somewhere in Europe hopefully. I lived in Holland three years and would like to get it from there; or from anywhere! I have also lived in Portugal, Spain, Greece, France, England, Honduras and Brazil and would be happy with any of these. Please help, whether you know of the medicine's special properties or not. I cannot discuss them here! Thank You for any help

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Verwon Says:

Prazepam is a Benzodiazepine and, regardless of what you think it's special properties are, since it has not been approved in the U.S., ordering it elsewhere would be considered illegal activity.


Have you tried any of the Benzodiazines that are available here?

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Mexilover Says:

Prazepam was available here, it was developed by Warner Lambert in the 1960's, and was available for a long time here. It was available when it was prescribed to me about 1991. Then it was stricken from the market for reasons I do not respect, as I do not like the crossing of healing and the guarding of profits. I am a 45 year Iyatrogenic Benzodiazepine addict (Addiction caused by doctors who started dosing me with Diazepam at age 14 - an undiagnosed bipolar till 41- also years of Lorazepam now 14 years of Clonazepam. Hero doctors would not prescribe ANY benzos at all to me after I moved to New York State from California in 2009, about four weeks from an abrupt cut off after 42 years, I almost died from acute DT's and was hospitalized in The Bronx for an entire month. That cost someone about a half a million dollars. Legal - Illigal - Alive - Dead!

But thanks for your imput.

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kevnb Says:

There are no special properties to prazepam. It's a "pro-drug" - meaning it's inactive until it's metabolized by the liver. Prazepam is metabolized into desmethyldiazepam - a metabolite of Valium. Nothing special at all. Clorazepate (Tranxene), Chlordiazepoxide (Librium) and Halazepam (Paxipam) are all pro-drugs that metabolize into the same thing.

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