The New Generic Percocet 10/325 By Actavis Doesn't Work!

Elvisfan Says:

I have been taking Oxycontin and for BTP Watson 10/325 generic Percocet for a number of years; they have always given me some pain relief. The Actavis Percocet 10/325 do not give me any pain relief. Life is hard enough with the stigma I get from pharmacists’, some friends, people in the pharmacies. All the time I wish my pain would go away because it’s very hard to take these pain pills, adding the stigma wow!! I have no other option. Surgeons will not operate they say the odds of making my whole back worse is to high, therapy done it many times doesn’t work. It’s been over 10 years I’ve suffered with what feels like half of a back and life. I can’t do much at all. A number of years ago I tried racing my little daughter my left leg is so weak on my third step I fell and broke 3 ribs and my sternum. The meds do not take the pain away; they make it tolerable is all. I would smoke pot, at least I wouldn’t have a physical dependency on any meds, the pain relief would be so much better and I would but I’ve been sober over 23 years so it’s not an option. These Actavis pain pills are very messed up. Everyone here has a legit complaint.

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David Says:


I just wanted to say that you don't necessarily have to smoke marijuana in order to receive it's medicinal benefits. Studies actually indicate that much of the medicinal benefits from the MJ plant are killed off from the intense heat when you go to "light it up". From my own experience, I find that the act of smoking it is also more addicting than using it in other forms.

A few alternatives might be edibles, hash oil capsules, using a vaporizer, tincture, topical, and/or opting for CBD's instead of THC - which don't make you feel high at all, but can still provide all the medicinal effects. CBD's are also now considered legal across all 50 states, so you don't have to worry about concealing it like you might with typical MJ.

If the notion of being sober for 23 years outweighs your current desire/need for pain relief from MJ, I'd say it would be a good idea to at least give CBD's a shot. That way you don't feel like your ruining your long 20+ year streak there.

Have you also considered trying some essential oils?

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Thomas Says:

I am in the same boat. Now that Watson's are gone everything else is carp!! I can't find o n e pill that can do what one Watson could!! One would last me for hours two would last the day with euphoria and pain relief. What I'm getting now just constipated me and gives me headaches and no pain relief!! It's a god Damn rip off but hey we're all dopers right?!?! I wish my pain on those who line their pockets with our money and justify it by calling us dopers. Fing greedy assaults!!

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Lisa M Says:

See if you can get Endocet, they work just as good if not better then Watson. A lot of the smaller pharmacies have them.

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FedUpSandra Says:

What the legitimate actual & Factual problem here is that the FDA has approved the use of BioSimilar Pain Medications that do not alleviate pain. How can they when there is ABOSULUTELY NO NARCOTIC OPIUM PAIN RELIEVER IN THEM???!!!

They are allowed to call them a BioLogic (Real Opioid Generics or name brand) when their "Biology" was create as a "witches brew" in some pharmaceutical laboratory to maximize profits without having to purchase the opium.

How clever of the little greedy people, huh?? Getting rich off of chemicals, but outlawing God's creation for pain relief unless they pick themselves as Master & Controller.

I have been suffering for over 15 years with pain issues & my metabolism knows within 15-20 minutes whether my prescriptions are a BioLogic (Real, opioid from the Poppy plant on our planet Earth) OR if it is a Fake Laboratory Concocted BioSimilar.

Here are the GUILTY FOR PROFIT Names of the Pharmaceutical Companies that have PURPOSEFULLY done this to me:

These brands do not work for chronic pain & we all need to file as many complaints as we can with the FDA, Pharmacies & The Better Business Bureau!!!!

Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals (Headquartered in Ireland).

Qualitest (was an outstanding generic, until purchased by ENDO Financial Investments Firm, also owned by Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals.)


BOCA Pharmaceutical Brand, based out of Boca Raton, Florida, hence the name. (A decent generic, but again within 2 years of purchasing a company, Mallinckrodt orders a new formulation (recipe) & sells us JUNK!!!!

WE have legitimate medical pain conditions & are treated as human guinea pigs from month to month & brand to brand. It is disgusting!!

The newesr Pharmaceutical Compant to choose Profits over Patients is:


Not sure of whole name (Alvogen?). Must research after getting today's prescription filled for Percocet 10/325 & my body is screaming in pain after taking 3 doses by Noon with no relief all morning.

We need to file Complaint after Complaint!! STAY in the Pharmacies for a little while after taking 1 Pill to see if it works. If not, ASK FOR & RECEIVE your Payment, & or Co-Payment & Original (Hard Copy) Prescription RETURNED to us!! Make SURE TO PAY for the 1 Pill though!!! I hope these Pharmaceutical Names help the next VICTIM!!! WE CAN SUE FOR PRODUCT MISLABELING & OR NAME / BRAND FRAUD. I looked it up!! Product MisRepresentation.

I AM SICK OF paying Insurance Premiums, Doctor's Office Visits & Cash or Co-Pays at a Pharmacy to only come home & SUFFER IN PAIN. Once you walk out of a Pharmacy you are SCREWED, remember that!!! Insist on trying the medication IN FRONT OF THEM!!! DO NOT LEAVE THEIR SIGHT!!

The ALV (abbreviated) Brand was a good generic until this month, July 2015. They are giving us drugs that are supposed to manipulate our brains into thinking we are not in pain!! My brain & body is old school. I know the Difference. 15 years of this has given me an education I do not wish to have. My heart goes out to all who are FORCED to SUFFER.

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chaos Says:

I couldn't believe what my new pharmacy carries for my Percocet 10/325!! I got burnt by Walgreen s g poo t 120 of the A333, I was then getting Alvogen which aren't bad,. But I got an all white round pill by the manufacturer Rhodes. They've been around for quite some time. I used to get my LA Ms contain by Rhodes, I gave them a B rating for my pain for t h e mscontin. Mallinkrofdt in my LA and breakthrough meds would be an A+, ..

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kukla mu Says:

My spouse has had RA for more than 40 years. The small bones of his feet are bone on bone and also broke his right leg and crushed ankle where they installed a graphite rod and screws. In the past few months his pharmacy has come to a point due to the DEA and FDA that allow the pharmacy to order a limited amount of pain pills with real opiate. So the pharmacy has now been ordering the pain pills that are labeled 10/325 although they are from a different company and include a laboratory made opiate. The pharmacy is only allotted a limited monthly supply of the real opiate pain medicine, so they are now filling the RXs with the laboratory created opiate, which does not cut the pain. My spouse can get the real opiate, but now Medicare requires an $80 copay for them and if your name's not on the list at the pharmacy to get the real opiate 10-325, the pharmacy runs out way before the DEA and FDA allow the pharmacy to reorder the limited allotment of the pain killers with the real opiate. The lab made opiate is not effective. The DEA and FDA think this a way to cut down on the abuse of pain killers, Please call your national congress and complain. The only break he has had is that now his internal med physician will write him 3 hard copy RXs so that he won't have to drive all the way across town every month to pick up that month's hard copy pain RX. My spouse had a face to face meeting with the pharmacist regarding the new ineffective pain pills and the pharmacist admitted that the new lab created opiate wasn't as effective as nature's opiate. PLEASE get on the band wagon and start speaking up. WE must get this problem resolved for the people who have true chronic pain so that they can get the pain killer with the real opiate. We must insure that those people who really need the pain relief are able to get what they need just to maintain a meager quality of life without constant unbearable pain.

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kukla mu Says:

My husband too is taking the new pain medicine with little or no opiate effect. So, we've called our pharmacy and added my husband to the list of the real Endocet, but he'll have to pay an out of pocket of $80, according to Medicare's new policy. This is the pain killer that the pharmacies are limited as to how much they can order monthly. I can't stand so see my husband in such pain. The Endocet , even though didn't rid him of pain, did knock off the edge much better than this new pain killer . Please keep on your congressman to have this changed for the people that are suffering daily unbearable pain. The pharmacys have their hands tied by the DEA, FDA and other groups that believe that people are dying from overdose of pain meds. How many more deaths are from the abuse of alcohol. Also, I think that cannabis should be legal for those people like me who are forced to take Xanax, an addictive med, and allow me to replace it with cannabis which I would prefer not to smoke, but be able to eat it in foods. Where's is the justice? We must band together and call our congress at least once a week. Please get on the band wagon. You can still get the real Endocet by calling the pharmacy and get your name on the list to have your scrip filled before the pharmacy runs out of their allotted amount of this drug. I don't care how much it cost, I can no longer sit by and watch him suffer.

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Mauser65 Says:

I feel your pain & can completely relate. The generic form of what they have been trying to give me over the past couple months should be a crime. I am at the end of my rope & just want to give up on life. Huge pharmaceutical companies giving us fillers that cause huge negative side effects & no pain relief. Filling out forms with the FDA is s joke because the pharmacies won't give you the correct info about the drug. It's hopeless.

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Elvisfan Says:

Thank you David, yes my sobriety is so very important to me, thank you David for your thoughful and informational comment. I did sign up when Minnesota approved the medical use but what our Governor signed was for only 5,000 people and from people that were able to get it their insurance or any doesn't cover it. That being said it has been a while since I've looked into this. Honestly I don't know where to start to find out this information. I tried the 5% lidocaine patch and it helps so much I could cut down on the pills which are expensive for my insurance company, the patches are 225.00 without insurance but my insurance will not cover these. I've tried the Over the counter 4% lidocaine patch but they are smaller and fall off plus they do not work as well. It's confusing I would think the insurance company would want me to take less of the pills.

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Marie Says:

I just got a new Percocet Rx filled and was previously on a Watson product. Now, this Actavis product has the same mg but with decreased potency. Took 2 of the new Rx and still got no relief. There seems to be some manufacturing problem with these.

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