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Tetrabenazine used to treat Parkinsons?

My sister has parkinsons and quite a lot of movement. Has this drug been tried for parkinsons? ## Tetrabenazine is actually contraindicated for the treatment of Parkinson’s [1]. In other words, it might actually worsen the symptoms of Parkinson’s or parkinsonism. Do you have any more questions or information to add? Please post back if you do. References: [1]

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huntington's disease

My 65 yr. old brother has Huntington's disease. Just learned that Tetrabenazine has been approved by the FDA this past year. Is anyone out there being treated with it, your results, price of it, and where can i Purchase it. Thanks... ## This past August, the brand Xenazine (Tetrabenazine) was approved by the FDA. Apparently the process for acquiring a prescription is more complicated than many other medications. You can view the support information for this drug at the manufacturer's web site (Ovation Pharmaceuticals): A quote from their page: "REACH is an integral part of the Ovation Pharmaceuticals commitment to ensuring that patients who can benefit from Xenazine therapy gain access to it as quickly as possible. REACH programs help eliminate administrative and financial b...

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new drug awaiting f.d.a. approval that for hunington diease that helps with spasms. What web site can I visit with information concerning new medicines awaing approval from f.d.a. ## It says it is already available on a named patient basis, which means your doctor has to contact the company and request it just for you, as it is not yet available on the open market in pharmacies yet. They do have a page with instructions: Tetra Page Tetra Info This page has more info on its use.

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