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Testopel and alternating insertion sites

I've been on testopel for 10 yrs. This past Friday I had another placement. This is by far the worst ever. Within 2 hours after the procedure the incision site was still bleeding and below the insertion site was completely black and painful. 24 hours later the area was dark red and hot to the touch. 48 hours later the discoloration was alternating between dark red, light red and purple, still warm to touch and swollen. I have been having non stop pain not only in the incision area but also in my legs, calves and feet, but also in my lower back/kidney. Dr. Prescribed me Norco for discomfort but no relief. Currently my symptoms are the same, bit more painful. The only thing I can think of is that they didn't alternate sides and that it may he causing issues. Is this possible? This...

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how long before testopel pellets start working?

Just had Testopel pellets inserted in my backside. Forgot to ask doctor how long until they take effect. He's out of town. ## Your T level goes up right away with ANY T-therapy medication, such as Testopel, Androgel or Testim. Have tried them all over the past several years, and it is my experience that Testopel is far and away the best option. Why have to remember to use a sticky gel every single day when you can get Testopel that lasts not less than four or five months in my case and up to six months for others. It's actually less expensive, too! ## That answer is correct, they will start to work immediately and usually last between 4 to 6 months. Testopel is a Testosterone replacement therapy. Some side effects may include: erectile problems, hirsutism, headache and anxiety. ...

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First Testopel Insertion

I have been on TRT for about 6 or 7 years...always on Androgel 1.62, up until two weeks ago when my urologist suggested Testopel. He gave me a shot of Cypionate to last me until my appointment yesterday. I didn't really care for the shot...left me with zero libido and pretty run down. Also, that two week window left me to imagine all sorts of crazy things about my upcoming procedure to insert the pellets. I went into the Doc's office yesterday and he gave me a local anesthetic, which was painless, then proceeded to implant the pellets. The entire procedure was literally completely painless and took less than ten minutes. 24 hours later and I feel like I have a bruise at the site, but it is not what I would categorize as pain. The doctor said it would take a few days to take effe...

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Testopel not working

T level was @ 400 but was having all the symptoms of low T so I had 10 pellets inserted 1/23. had levels checked 3/12 and levels went up to only 447 with no real signs/benefits of the pellets. Has anybody else had the testopel not work? I am debating on trying the gel, but I am wondering if that will be effective. Went with the pellets for obvious reasons but am very disappointed with the results. ## We've had a few posts about it, but so far they've all been about positive results. Has your doctor advised you of any reason they aren't working, or what your other options are? ## I have had the testopel pellets inserted 4 times. All have worked very very very well until the last time which was about six weeks ago. Don't know why. I have 10 inserted every 3 months as I had...

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Testopel pellets

This is my third round of Testopel. by far the best way to get Testosterone. Several things bothering me: My doctor refuses to treat other side effects of T supplementation, namely Estrogen. I asked him to do estrodiol test after the recent round. My levels were very high. I do not know why he will not prescribe an aromatase inhibitor. Secondly, I have had bad acne this time around. I kept getting big blemishes on my face that would not go away. I also have a lot on the back of my neck. I also sleep lightly and wake up frequently during the night. I also get night sweats. Otherwise I feel great and am getting stronger while working out at the gym 5 days per week. ## All of these symptoms can be common side effects of any type of hormone replacement therapy. And the problem with prescrib...

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Testopel Insertion site

Has anyone had problems with expelling pellets from the insertion site on the back glute? I ran a lot. I'm an ultra marathoner that runs at least 40 miles a week. I have now pushed out pellets two different times. Is there a better place to insert the pellets other than the back glutes? ## Hello, Davis! How are you? The website for Testopel just lists it as them needing to be inserted into a fatty area, with the hip or buttocks given as examples. So, you might want to speak to your doctor about trying a different area. The FDA warns that this use of Testopel could increased your risk of heart attack, stroke, or death. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Yes my husband has lost about 4 pellets w his last injection! Dr said he must be flexing that area I was watching him work a...

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Allergy to Testopel

I had 12 pellets inserted. This is the second dose I've had inserted, so this is 4 months after the first pellets. Three days after they were inserted, I noticed that food started tasting off. At first off, then the next day really, really bad. I didn't connect it right away as I'm on a couple other meds for Lupus. Anyways, about a week later I started getting burning in my eyes and itching inside my body. I get a heat flush (same reaction as the iodine you get before a CTscan) at least a couple times a day. I went in for food allergy testing and everything came back clear. Testopel was the only one that had this as a "rare" side effect. The side effect is that food can taste bad and you can have an allergic reaction to the medication. It took over a month to get to ...

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testopel weight gain

Im a 51 year old male with long standing testosterone issues. Several years ago my T level was 113. I was placed on Androgel1.0 then Androgel 1.62. Both had little to no effect. The Doc started giving me T shots every 2 weeks and the results were better but I still felt worn down. After my T levels fell to 118 in early November 2013 I had testopel pellets inserted. My sleep pattern INSTANTLY improved. The following morning I was awake at 5:39 am. Improved sleeping and intermittent burst of energy are the only benefits I have noticed. Since the Testopel insertion 25 days ago I have gained 13 pounds while keeping the same diet and have not thought about intercourse once. Has anyone had similar results? Any thoughts? ## Hello, Jimmy! How are you? Has the doctor checked your other hormone l...

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My doctor is coding the procedure as an outpatient surgical procedure which generates a $250 copay for me. I think this should be coded differently

Outpatient surgical procedure vs physician office visit with medication administration. There is a big difference in cost to the patient and insurance. Manufacturer lists this as a subcutaneous injection/implantation. It is done with a needle. My doctor is coding as outpatient hospital or surgical center procedure but his office is neither of these. Any advice? I am faced with $250 copay 4x a year. Thx ## Hi Sean, Looks like quite a predicament going on there between the definition of a surgical procedure and a simple inj. If you could, I would probably encourage you to speak with the front representative at your doctor's office and inform them of the mistake being made before it's too late to have a say in the matter. Webster's dictionary defines 'surgery' as - ...

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Has anyone had the experience of PSA score appearing to rise some after TESTOPEL implants being done? Three (3) months after my implants -- when it is time to do again -- my PSA is elevated, making it in the 4.77 range. I go on an antibiotic (either Duricef or CIPRO) and it comes down. My urologist is very much my advocate and knows the great many benefits I receive from this procedure. He is thinking of ANOTHER prostate biopsy, but no definite decision has been made. Although not unbearable, I'd rather not have to do this. Thoughts, anyone ???? ## Hello, Bob! How are you? There have been some concerns about the effect of testosterone supplementation on the prostate, including an elevated risk of cancer, but nothing definitive has been proven, yet. Some doctors are refusing to let t...

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Testopel Pulled Off Market?

My Doctor has informed me that Testopel has been pulled off the market. Are other people being told this and does anyone know why? ## Hello, Andrew! How are you? I'm sorry, but right now, I can't find any information showing that it has been discontinued or recalled. Did you doctor provide any other detail, such as why? Does anyone else know anything? ## I just had my implants 2 days ago. Did not hear about it. ## Where did you go? My doctor also said they are not available right now because of some regulations, so I'm having to get the shots every few weeks instead. :/ ## I work in a urology office where we deal with testosterone replacement therapy. Testopel is still available, and we are actively scheduling and placing pellets every week. It's possible your physician ...

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Testopel - considering; several questions

Hey guys, Lived with Low T for 30+ years. I'm 55. Libido is low, fatigued, fat, sleep disorders... Doc is going to give me the Testopel treatment for Hypogonadism (pituitary and testes problems). Questions I have: 1) Will libido improve? I'm reading posts that it worsens. Why is this - doesn't seem logical? 2) Any increase in energy and overall physical performance? 3) Muscle gain and fat loss associated with it or not? Thanks all... ## The non-improvement to the libido can be normal and usually only lasts for a few weeks, it's generally just due to your body getting used to the new hormone level. Yes, there can be an increase in energy and performance, as well as muscle gain and some loss in body fat, but it really works the same as the above, there may not be any immed...

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Interactions between Testopel and marijuana

Does anyone know of any evidence of interactions between Testopel and marijuana? 40 yo with Low T (300). Went from gel to injections, now on pellets. ## As of this time, marijuana has not been found to interact dangerously with anything, in various medical studies available on PubMed. The main warning, however, is that since it tends to make people feel very mellow, it could result in more sedation and dizziness than usual, when combined with some medications…. which in turn means don't drive and stay away from heavy machinery. Is there anything else I can help with? ## Is it true that marijuana usage can reduce t-levels? Will using while on Testopel be counterproductive?

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Is there anyone that gets Testopel and your insurance is Tricare Standard? If so how much do you have to pay and what does Tricare pay? Thanks. ## finally got a response, so maybe this will help someone with Tricare Standard, as long as the ded has been meet it is 254.00 every time procedure is done.

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Testopel lasted 5 weeks

I was receiving inj's. for several years, felt great but was a pain. My doctor suggested I switch to Testopel as my insurance covered it 100%. However, I've burned thru 10 pellets in 5 weeks. I spiked pretty fast & dropped even faster. Doctor is puzzled since it was supposed to last 3-4 months. Now I have to supplement with inj's. to buy time until I can get on the schedule for more pellets. Will they last longer the 2nd time? Anyone else have this happen?

Testopel and problems with having an orgasm

I am getting testopel for 2 and half years now because of my low T. I suffer froths problem since i was 23 years old when i was training with professional cyclists (long distance training). I am now 56 y/o and very healthy. I go to the gym everyday and I have been very fit all my life. Although it helps my brain function and my concentration, I sill need viagra otherwise i cannot maintain an erection for a long time. Also my semen amount has decreased a lot. I noted that lately it is very hard to ejaculate or have an orgasm. This is something new that did not happen before. So i was wondering if somebody can tell me if this is the side effect of testopel or if something else is happening? I appreciate your help. ## Shortly after starting Testopel almost 4 years ago my semen volume decre...

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high hemoglobin testopel

I have been happily receiving the benefits from TESTOPEL pellets implantation now for almost four (4) years. In the last few months, a doctor called me at home @ 8:30 p.m. which surprised me to say the least. He was both alarmed and concerned because the lab test I had done the day prior showed an unhealthy high level in my hemoglobin. It was 19.8. I am a 70-year-old male. According to what I've been able to learn so far, hemoglobin at this level causes the blood to THICKEN and can/may cause cardiac issues including heart attacks and/or strokes. There can be a multitude of reasons that causes this, but one of them is HRT. I'm NOT taking a high number of pellets, receiving ten (10) every three (3) months. I have only one (1) testicle as one was removed in 2010 due to extreme, chr...

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Does Regular Exercise make the Pellets Dissolve Faster?

I have noticed that the Pellets dissolve completely in less then the 14 week period that is considered normal. After about 10 weeks and I can easily tell they are dissolved both by how I feel and that there is no sign of them under my skin. I exercise with a fairly high level of intensity for about 1.5 hours a day 6 days a week. I am curious if anyone has heard that high volumes of exercise cause the pellets to dissolve faster. Can't seem to find anything on the internet about it. ## It's very doubtful, they are usually tested under various normal activity conditions, as a safe guard to make sure such a thing doesn't happen. Learn more Testosterone details here. Have you asked your doctor about the issue? How long do they usually last? ## My physician said that they usually ...

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Swollen Painful Injection Site

I had my second injection about two weeks ago. The first injection resulted in zero discomfort and I felt great. This injection resulted in severe swelling in two different areas, and significant discomfort. The swelling has gone down in the area away from where the cut was made, but the area around the incision is still very swollen and tender. I can see 'grooves' in the swollen area, where it looks and feels like something hard was left just under the skin, and it is not going away. I definitely do not feel any positive affects, but that may be from the discomfort that I continue to feel. Has anyone had a similar reaction? ## Hello, Steve! How are you doing? Has there been any improvement, yet? They may have inserted them too shallowly. Have you contact your doctor about this,...

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Testopel injections leakage. Two time cancer survivor

Got my third round on Friday. 12 pellets and I'm telling you I'm a new person. I feel great while on them. The first two times I had trouble with leakage from the injection site. This time I figure to keep the bandage on and the strips on for 2 extra days. Instructions say wait 3 to 4 days to take bandage off. Has anyone else had problems like this?

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