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terpin hydrate availability

Where can you get turpin hydrate elixer for mucous relief? ## From what I've read, the FDA banned terpin hydrate back in the mid-1980's. Apparently the reasoning behind this ban was that they were never able to prove it's effectiveness. However, contrary to their opinion on the medication's efficacy, I think many people would still agree that it works better than a lot of the stuff on today's shelf. Have you tried any other approaches for mucous relief in the meantime? They say ginger root is also good for breaking up phlegm and mucus from the respiratory tract...but mixing it with lemon juice and raw honey can be beneficial as well; at least from my own experience. I hope this helps! ## Wonderful news! Turpin hydrate is NOT banned, although it's no longer carrie...

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The most effective med for cough/wheezing

The problem with HealthCare. Follow the money. Pharmaceutical companies do not make great profits if it is over the counter. Drug Stores make more on prescriptions. The government abused our healthcare for decades. Now...they are making it socialist healthcare. This way...the government gets in on the cost of healthcare...so what is new? We know the "pharmacy interests" in having some meds removed from the consumer. I had bronchitis and coughs when young. One teaspoon of Terpin Hydrate immediately stopped the cough and sometimes the cough did not return. Terpin Hydrate, cheap over the counter...no RX. As I understand it....because of the gin? some were using it for alcohol. The codeine for pain or just relief from pain. Paregoric was good for baby’s teething. ...

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