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low white blood cell count for 3 months

After using Temodar for 6 weeks (for brain tumour) my sons white blood cell, platelet count dropped dramatically. For 2 months in 0,03 range. Started picking up the last month. Reaching 0.69 at highest. Been in hospital 3 months now. Did a bonemarrow biopsy 1 month ago. After the 2 months a bonemarrow biopsy was done and shown 5% activity. But after the biopsy the dr said he convinced the bonemarrow showing more activity. It's been going up so slowly every week. We keep a chart. We not keen for a bonemarrow transplant now as he has been very sick with infection twice. Want to give him all the chance to see if he can recover by himself. Are there patients that share the same story?

Temodar with nasty tasting gal in my throat and nausea questions

So I used to blame the Prilosec I switched to instead of pepcid. This may be part of the problem. I started my 5 days on 3. Weeks off regime on Monday for chemo and switched to Prilosec at this time too. Had the same issue but it was more like in my throat and mouth. I now take 350 mg instead of 90mg. Of temodar. Also I don't know if this was the proton radiation but my eyes are failing me. Get blurry on and off. Also what can I expect for nausea During the week and the days after, how long it takes for the side effects to wear off, I know everyone isn't the same, just need some input. ## @Alex, Not to get off topic or anything, but have you tried any sort of natural alternatives to chemo and radiation therapy? It's been known for a while now that cancer can be and has been ...

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