Temazepam And Pain Relief

GmanzA1day Says:

Got prescribed 20mg temazepam for anxiety and sleep disorder. White round white tablet. Score one side 30 on other. Sorry bad eyesight but I'm sure it says 30. Anyways, I feel it takes away pain as well. Anyone else get this effect from temazepam?

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Lori Says:

Restoril or Temazepam has diazepam in it as well as a hypnotic for sleeping.. There prescribed as sleeping pills.. if your getting pain relief from it it’s probably because the diazepam has relaxed your body enough to get real rest and sleep.. I also take the same medication and I use it one a day at bedtime.
I’m also prescribed diazepam which is Valium for my anxiety and two are very different in regards to sleeping.. yes diazepam can make you very sleepy because you’re so relaxed but it’s not a sleeping pill where is restoril /Temazepam has other things in it especially just for sleeping..

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GmanzA1day Says:

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Correct. I take temazepam but not often.

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VerFree Says:

Temazepam is a benzodiazepine, and it is the sole active ingredient in the tablet of the same name, or the name brand Restoril. It is most commonly used to treat insomnia.

The FDA warns that it does carry the risk of being habit forming, and may cause side effects, such as nausea, dizziness, irritability, and headache.

As to why it helps with pain, similar to what has been discussed, it can cause sedation, and relaxation, which means you aren't so tense, or stressed, and don't feel the pain as much. Similar to what is often said about opiates, it doesn't actually alleviate the pain, it just kind of makes it so you don't care about it as much, and don't notice it as much.

Ref: Medline Plus Temazepam

They gave it to me, when I had surgery, and was very scared/nervous, it knocked me out, so it served its purpose.

Is there anything else I can help with?

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