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How long does abdominal edema last post taxotere and what can be done to relieve it.

My mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer a little over a year ago. She went through a debulking surgery and platinum based chemotherapy and was in remission for just under 6 months. The ovarian cancer recurred again this fall and she has been on a taxotere / gemzar combination. It is very hard for her because one of the numerous side effects of the taxotere that she gets is the abdominal edema, which makes it hard for her to move and breath. It is also worrying because prior to the debulking, the first symptom that her doctor took seriously was accumulation of ascites in her abdomen which is very similar to the edema. It was also the first thing that recurred that alerted her to the return of the cancer. I have a couple of questions which her doctor has not been able to answer. This ...

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