Tapering Off Subutex While Pregnant

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CondernedDad Says:

My wife is pregnant and I just found out she has been taking Subutex for several months.

To make matters worse she's been trying to taper off this drug under the advise of someone she met at other forums. She hasn't let the doctor know she's been taking this drug and this guy has her convinced he can taper her off without harming the baby. I'm besides myself and trying to get her to at least let the doctor monitor her progress on a regular basis while she gets off this stuff.

Is this really safe for her to be doing or am I right in thinking she's lost her mind trusting this person?

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Betsey Says:

I am on subutex and pregnant. My doctor believes that the safest thing I can do is stay on the meds. If I go through withdrawals, so does baby.

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Poppy Sower Says:

I would highly suggest (sounds better than.....) YOU & HER MUST go see her OB-GYN and tell him the exact amounts she is taking,any other drugs....just level with him.A baby born with a suboxen habit from dear old mom may be born 7lbs 8oz and in a months time weigh 4lbs,(this happened to an aquaintanance and wife.What the other girls comments were could indeed been accurate depending on dose and how far along she is.I'd be very surprised if you were given any pain meds post natal.The doctors at Maternity wards see this quite often ,but they need to be leveled with,Your childs health should be no.1PRIORITY,A side note their baby after 3 months is thriving,(Hes off dope and she is on a Sub detox program(6 months to last dose)

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ConcernedDad Says:

Thanks Poppy Sower. I was able to talk some sense to my wife and got her to fess up to our doctor what she's been doing. He was livid when he heard she had been trusting the health of our baby to self-proclaimed internet guru and is going to supervise her during this procedure. He looked up the site this Svengali calls home and is filing a report with the American Medical Association against him and the site that allowed him to do this. He's got some kind of disclaimer that he's not a doctor and bases his experience on personal experience and education but it's a medical procedure and he's not licensed to practice and it's lucky somebody hasn't died trusting this self-serving narcissistic maniac.

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Verwon Says:

Wow! ConcernedDad, I am very disturbed to learn of what has happened and I really wish the best for you, your wife and your child.

On our site, we can provide people with medication information, such as what they are used for, side effects and etc. but we never advise any type of treatments and we do get people that ask us to do so a lot. However, ONLY a doctor is qualified to advise in such matters, diagnose, treat and etc.

However, as Betsey has stated, Subutex is the one that is generally considered safe to use during pregnancy, but again, even under that consideration, the use and dosage should always be monitored by a doctor, for the health of both the mother and baby.

Her doctor should be able to consult with a colleague that's been specially trained in the use of Subutex, so it is a very good thing that she finally came clean and is getting professional medical help.

How is she doing?

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ConcernedDad Says:

Hi Verwon. Our doctor said neither my wife or our baby has suffered any permanent damage up to this point and they're doing fine. She had only been talking to this guy a few days before I found out about it. My wife isn't feeling too great but I want her off this stuff. The last thing I want for our child is for his first sensation in this world to be withdrawl pains. I did some reading and this person seems to get some kind of a thrill from getting people to let him do this and has actually begged people to let him start them out onto this drug instead of letting a doctor do it. I don't know what I would have done if something would have happened to our baby.

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Verwon Says:

I am very relieved to hear the good news from her doctor and am so glad you found out about it so soon, I hate to think what might have happened otherwise.

It's just horrible that there is someone online that's doing that.

When I gave birth to my son, back in 1995, there was another baby born around the same time and he was born addicted to crack. Seeing the suffering of that tiny little infant in the NICU, when I went to the nursery to see my son was the worst thing ever and I would never wish on anyone.

I sincerely wish you and your family the very best and hope all works out well.

If you have any questions relating to needing information on anything that I might be able to help you find, please feel free to ask any time and yes, we'll stick with information only! :-)

Have you heard anything back about anything being done about this person?

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Lee Says:

I am 35 weeks pregnant. The whole pregnancy i was taking subutex i get from a friend. I stopped for 3 weeks, still was in wd hell, so i slowly started again. Chipping lil pieces from an 8 mg pill. I feel like im too close till delivery to stop.. Wd are very uncomfortable. Im afraid for my baby withdrawling even tho my dose is very low. I dunno if i should get to a legit doctor for a script, or what. Its $180.00 for the first visit n idunno if i can do that. I fear telling anyone i am taking these.. My family already thinks i quit when i did.. They do not know i began again. Im afraid the baby will b in pain. At this point im afraid of everything.

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yarnz89 Says:

If she does reduse and come of it u r ment to do it in the 2nd trimester ie 3 to 6months pregnant. There has not bin enough studys done on subutex unlike methadone but baby if born to mum on subys may experance withdrawal.my son was born adicted to methadone and to be honest me personly wodt have another baby on meth or subutex like im on now. i think its best u consalt a doctor bout this a doctor that prescribes subutex and has sin others in a simalr situation and maybe precribe it to her rather than buying of the street wen realy u dont wot u r being sold. im sure with the right advise it wil b fine x

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lil33 Says:

I am 6 wks pregnant and i believe i do about .5 mgs of suboxone a day. I would really like to just come off it but i'm worried about the baby. Do you think there is a better time to come of it then another? Also, Do you think a doctor would help me come off it or make me go into a program?

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ashley Says:
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Hello I have been trying to taper off of subutex for about four months I'm down to about a quarter piece half at the most in a day I just found out I'm about four weeks pregnant do you think coming off that low of a dose will harm my fetus ? Please any advise I am going to talk to my doctor as well but i want input now as well

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mc Says:

i am 4 months preganant and am trying to taper off of subutex.. everyone is fighting me on this and i really want to do it.. i just need a safe way to do it. i did 8mg one day then 6 then 4 and i plan on going to 2 then off... please give me advice and direction i am nervose i wll withdraw badly and hurt the baby

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Ash Says:
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If YOUR COMFORT is more important to you than your BABY'S then you need to first get your priorities straight and go see a doctor.

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Kimmie Says:
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You should seek the advice from a doctor. The info I have found is that it must be done very very slowly. It is not recommended because there is a chance of miscarriage. My doctor had told me that he could taper me off but I just don't trust the situation. Some say yes and some say definitely not. I have seen posts though that you can wean down but not off. If the baby is going through withdrawals though your not gonna know. And when the baby is born there doesn't seen to be any correlation of what mg will send him into withdrawal. Someone can be on 8 mg and be fine while some one is on 2 and not be fine. That is the same as the incidences of miscarriage...some have been stopping from 2 mg and some more. If you don't want to speak to a doctor about this at least call the hear to help program through suboxone.com. But I do get it. I wish I could come off this before I give birth so I don't have to deal with the stigma of the hospital staff. The dreaded visit from dyfs that could happen and I really want to breastfeed without the doctor telling me they are not sure if it's a good idea. (although I have read that breastfeeding on a low dose ie 1-2 mg should be fine cause the amount that actually goes into the babies system is so low) but really it's about doing what is best for the baby. And I think the safest and surest way is to stay on if you have been on. I was all set to come off too but.my doctor said the baby could die from withdrawals. It's not likely but neither is getting struck by lightning or bit by a shark. And we all know that happens. Well sorry for the rambling in. I'm apparently over tired. Good luck.

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Ash Says:
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Are you on suboxone or subutex?? I was under the impression that subutex is safe while pregnant? ? Prescribed and under doc supervision of course..

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Ash Says:
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Kimmie, you seem like a good and loving mother. I hope you don't have any problems with your baby, it seems like she will be born to a caring parent :)

As for CPS/DYFS, if you are prescribed something by a physician and following their advice to protect your child, then tell them to F OFF!

I'm a firm believer that DYFS needs to butt out in SOME situations and if the only concern they have is you wanted to get and stay clean throughout your pregnancy then they need to get their priorities straight.

Good luck kimmie :)

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sparkle Says:
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I'm 20 weeks pregnant. I was switched from 4mg Suboxone to 4mg Subutex, with the idea of detoxing from 4mg. I felt fine at 3mg but the next week when I went to 2mg I felt mild withdrawals. I thought maybe it was just getting bigger because of the pregnancy. General malaise, back pain but then the loose stool started. I don't have a choice but to get off completely before baby. I am having a planned c-section. Plus my sub doctor refuses to treat a pregnant woman. So anyone have success stories getting off subutex? At what mg did you stop completely?

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bob Says:

hi im 5 weeks and I take subtext would I be fine if I stop taking it right away as I only been on the half a year?

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Sarah Says:
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Hello my name is Sarah. My situation is a little different than those I have read so far. I am 3 months pregnant and I am still using heroin daily. I want to stop so bad and get on the subutex. I am just wondering if I will be able to come off safley before my child is born?because my baby's father would "kill" me if he knew I was on any type of drugs.

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Ash Says:
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Sarah go speak to a suboxone/subutex doctor right away, please....

I'm not trying to be judgemental in anyway so please don't take it this way. But understand that subutex is safe throughout your pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding. If your spouse has an issue with the subutex put it bluntly and explain it was either having your baby addicted to heroin with possible defects and subsequently having CPS take the child from both of you OR being supervised on subutex by a PHYSICIAN trained in treating pregnant women w/addictions.

Please keep us informed what happens and how everything goes.

Good luck hunny

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Amber Says:
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I am 21 weeks pregnant and was prescribed 8 mg subutex 2 x a day and he said it was safer than suboxone and I thought I was doing the better choice but the more I read I am terrified and want to get off now i don't want my baby to go through withdrawal my husband says he won't be there during delivery because he doesn't wanna see my baby suffer I am sonstressed out on these and just wanna stop does anyone know if i could stop and taper down and be done and the baby not suffer withdrawing when born please help

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