Tanzeum Side Effects?

Rich Says:

Anyone have any severe side effects?

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Verwon Says:

Hello, Rich! How are you? What types of side effects are you experiencing?

The most common ones are listed as diarrhea, nausea and administration site reaction.

Has anyone else used this?

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Type2Amy2011 Says:

The only side effects I have gotten from Tanzeum are nausea, diarrhea, headaches and acid reflux which is causing me to burp. I am on 30mg once a week with 2000mg of metformin a day. It has been a month for me and it is not fun. My hopes are that my body will get use to the meds so the side effects will stop. I notice a HUGE difference and I think this out ways the side effects. I have lost 5lbs without exercise in 1 month. The meds curb your appetite and I have to force myself to eat because of the metformin. My blood sugar went from 200-300 range to now 95-150 range. My A1C was 12 and I am waiting to go back to the doctor next month to see how that is doing. My guess is I am in the 6.9 - 7.4 range now.

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Gypeywoman Says:

Amy, please make sure your acid reflux isn't being caused by lactic acidosis. Go see your doctor soon and find out your body pH. In the mean time go to a health food store and get some water that is alkaline and drink it. This may help with the GERD (acid reflux) too. If lactic acidosis isn't treated it could lead to severe problems.

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sings4fun Says:

Just took my first dose 2 days ago, and so far I haven't noticed any side effects (fingers crossed that I won't). My Edocrinologist seemed very excited to introduce this medication to my routine, so I am hoping to see great results. So far, my averages have dropped about 20 points below normal....Looking good.

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Karen Says:

I got my first shot today I feel like crap after having it in my system for about 7 hours I just feel strange can't sleep

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Honeybee Says:

I started 30mg of Tanzeum in July of 2015 and after a week went to 50mg and have been on it ever sense. When I first started it I had nausea and would get sleepy having to sleep the whole day after takeing it. The nausea has been replaced with indigestion, constipationIt, sleepiness, and the injection area, have all became worse over time and it has effected my mood. The doctor was very happy with my blood work but still couldn't understand why I haven't lost any weight. I guess I should say I'm not diabetic. I have PCOS, most if my symptoms have decreased and I did have 2 periods during this time (I haven't had one for years without meds) I am very active and eat a clean low carb (30 or under) diet.
Last week I just couldn't deal with the constipation and heart-burn any more so I discontinued taking it, after a week and half things are moving along much better and I didn't put it together until yesterday that my energy and mood have improved we are talking about going back to the 30mg and see how I feel after that but I'm reluctant and think I just want my Metformin back. I will update when/if I go back on the lower dose.

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R Says:

I started Tazeum 30 mg this week and today is day 4 after injection. I am having sever diarrhea and burping sulfur taste. Anyone know how long this will last or what I should do about it? My sugars have been really good and I haven't been as hungry but I can't live in the bathroom. I missed work today, this makes me sad, I was hoping this Med would work for me.

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Liam2 Says:

Eat less at each meal and time when you eat. Tanzeum prevents your food from digesting as it normally does. Your food sits in your stomach longer. Make sure you really are hungry when you eat. Sometimes we eat because its "time to eat". Don't do that and don't eat after five or six in the evening if you feel like eating an evening meal.

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Liam2 Says:

Dr. Is excited because he is receiving kickbacks and you are a lab rat...just like the rest of us. Horrible, ain't it. I hope it works for you.

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jjcinxin Says:

EXTREME nausea the first 2 or 3 days after injection. Overwhelming awful nausea. Accompanied by hiccups and acid reflux. And then by day 3 or 4 I feel totally great! I'm still on the fence whether 2 days of pure misery is worth it but my sugar levels are perfect for now. Argh! Better than Victoza in my opinion. That made me exorcist puke

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Annwb Says:

Started Tanzeum 6 days ago. Nauseated every time I drank or ate something for 5 days. Day 4 was a day of vomiting. Feeling better now. I have reservations about a second week. I so don't want to live like this.

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Lisa Says:

I exorcist puke with Tanzium if i eat too late in the day.

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Maria Says:

Any one have anxiety with this drug? I'm experiencing anxiety. Don't know if it is the drug or the retail ramp up to Christmas?

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Myrnie Says:

Yes anxiety I have been experiencing , I am not sleeping going days without sleep can't turn my brain off gonn call dr Monday sleep deprivation will make you feel lousy

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Susan Says:

Re: Verwon (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I used it for 8 weeks. I was doing great, more energy, I lost 13 lbs then with my 9 th use I got a injection site reaction. My doctor said just try a different site so I gave it one more try and with my next dose for a hug rash on my left hip at injection site, hot to touch, extreme itching. I also have been having a pain in my right side for the past month I can't explain. I already had GERD and it really made it so much worse. I was also concerned about taking it because I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis with nodules and it had said it can cause thyroid cancer in mice so what if you already have a thyroid problem. Needless to say I decided to stop. I was being treated for insulin resistance. Starting Janumet XR this weekend. They are discontinuing Tanzeum as of July 2018 anyways. None real reason given.

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Maria Says:

Re: Myrnie (# 14) Expand Referenced Message

So my anxiety was from Pulmonary Embolisms and dvt in my leg. It was the blood clots going through my heart! Not caused by Tanzeum, but putting it here for future reference.

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