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xarelto and tamiflu

I've been on xarelto for a year because of heart afib. Because of the flu I've been given tamiflu. Checking online shows a study where there were many bad interactions because of this combination. Is this really the case? ## I am in the same boat today. Did you ever get a response to your question? Thanks! ## Hi Jim & Sally, While I personally haven't come across the types of reviews concerning bad drug interactions between Xarelto and Tamiflu, I did look up the drug combination at the University of Maryland Medical Center (umm.edu / drug interaction tool) to see what all the fuss is about. However, no drug interactions or contraindications were listed. Although this does not necessarily mean that no interactions exist, it is my understanding the two are generally regard...

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Does Tamiflu cause a posative for thc

Would tamiflu 75 mg cause a posative for THC .? ## I wouldnt think so,but idk lol. where did you get that idea? ## @Jimmy, I have to agree with Derk, as I could not locate any specific details or reviews stating that this drug is known for causing a false positive for THC. Did you have any cannabis within the past 90 days prior to your test? If so, a hair test may be able to detect it. I'd also question whether or not you had any other types of medications recently, as there are some other drugs out there that could potentially bring about a false positive for it. I hope this info helps!

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Its a drug given for swine flu ## To be honest, since the word you used is so close to squealing, I believe someone was pulling your leg. It is an old joke, trying to make a pun on unusual medication names. In the U.S. there are 2 drugs that are used for swine flu, there are Tamiflu and Relenza. Are there any questions or comments? ## Thanks cause I heard its a drug that their going to give people as a vaccine for the swine flu.

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round yellow pill with roche on one side

medium sized yellow phosphoric pill,Roche copmany ## The Roche company makes many pills that have their name on them, what they are is dependent upon the additional markings on the tablet. For instance a round, yellow pill that says ROCHE 30 MG is Tamiflu. Can you please post back with the rest of the marking?

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Flu medication put out by Roche ## I have heard that Thermaflu is the best medication for children in fighting Swine Flu. I have three grandchildren in Lima, Peru and would like to learn more about Thermaflu so I can send a supply to them, if warranted. Plse reply. Thanks ## Are you possibly referring to TheraFlu? If so, this is an over the counter remedy and not proven to prevent anything, including swine flu. ## The name of the medicine should be TAMIFLU, it treats flu,and sells under prescription of doctor. Must be taken within 12 to 48 hours from the first appearance of flu symptoms. More drug details: Manufacturer's site: www.tamiflu.com

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Virologists stockpile Tamiflu

it won't take long until the worldwide stocks are exhausted. Virologists have predicted that the hybridisation of bird flu virus and human influenza will take place soon. Nobody know when, but that it will happen is for sure. The most important virologists in the world stockpiled Tamiflu a long time back and so should we.