Tamflo 0 4mg

harish Says:

i have ut infection since last 60 days and recently under gone cystoscopy and uretridilation and advised niftais /uribid 100 mg tab 2 daily since last 15 days with 1 tab of tamflo .4mg daily. iam 74 yrs old lady ,diabetic & hypertensive and on medication since last 20 yrs.yesterday checked for urine routine and find still puss cells in plenty.this infection was noticed since last 2 yrs.i also took 10 doses of amikacin inj.600mg for 5 days.but pus cell still persists.my kidney size is ok but creatine increased to 2.2 from earlier 1.4 and now reads 1.57.there is traces of protein in urine(+).has my kidney been damaged and howlong it takes to remove the infection.even after dilatation unable to fully empty the bladder and have to urinate 3-4 times small quantys in the night