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Fleckinade Generic for Tambocor

Fleckinade generic for Tambocor manufactured by Amneal I also died on New Years Eve by taking this product for not even 7 days My blood pressure was sky high I was sweating profusely my hear was going so fast had all signs of a heart attack I have been taking the genric drug for 16 years and when I was switched to the AMneal as manufacturer I almost died i stopped them immediately and got the drug from a good pharmacy all symptoms stopped This drug was Fleckinade 100 mg 2 x a day Any one else have the same problem ## Ann - are you still checking this site? I just started on Flecinide - 5 days so far after a year on Multaq - I never looked at who the manufacturer was. I am also 100 mg 2 xs daily. I am hopeful but realistic ! How are you feeling now? ## I am fine now - since I stopped the...

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not avaliable in western ny

my pharm says tambocor is on backorder with no release date help....where can i get it ## Trying to find it here in California also. Same story, backordered. It appeasrs the manfacturer Medics was bought out by a large manfacturer this past September. I am trying to get a hold of them to see if they are still making it. The generic Flecanide does not work so well for me. Perhaps try some different manfacturers of Flecanide to see if are better than others. ## There are a few other trade names that you may find it under, so you may want to ask if they are available, they include: Almarytym, Apocard, Ecrinal and Flecaine. Learn more Flecainide details here. Has anyone had luck finding it yet?

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Tambocor Side Effects

Seeking information about the risks and side effects associated with Tambocor. ## Be very careful with this medication! It has many many serious side effects, such as heart attack, serious diarrhea, passing out. It should only be used by patients who need it for heart arrhythmia! Please look it up on the internet and read all the instructions. I don't know how to cut and paste the information or link here for you. MY daughter is not up yet to help me. Sorry! ## I will delightedly add it for you! Tambocor Info Click Here Wow, lots of side effects and potential problems for this one, nenene is right, be very careful, and if it is jjust a pill you found somewhere, put the flushing mechanism in your bathroom to good use.

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