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Is Talwin Nx still made?

Is it still available? I use to take it and was put on norco when it couldn't be found. Moved to FL. and was put on morphine. I throw up every day and it's about to kill me. Please help. ## Yes Talwin NX is still manufactured. I live in Texas and have been on it for over 5years for a brain tumor. ## Hello William, According to the manufacturer's website it looks as if it's still being manufactured. If you are throwing up constantly I would highly recommend that you discuss this with your primary care doctor. More often than not when they "can't find" a drug it just means that the pharmacies in the area are no longer carrying that product. As such, it may be a painful process finding a location that does carry the product. Let me know if there is anything else...

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Hi all, my husband has been on Talwin nx for many years. In the past two years the cost has gone up and down like crazy. He started taking the generic but that too is so expensive (over $400 for 3 months). Wow I thought generics were suposed to be cheap. We had insurance up to last month and I have no idea how we are going to pay for his pills. He has an inhaler for asthma that is $900 for three months. I know some drug companies help if you can't afford the medication. Does anyone know anything about this? ## When they took Darvocet off the market my doctor put me on Talwin NX which works but it is so expensive. Does anyone know of something that works like these do and are cheaper or maybe a cheaper place to buy the Talwin NX, or the generic Pentazocine/Naloxone? Thanks! ## I have...

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want to know if just talwin is diff than talwin nx

I need to know if there is adiff in just talwain,acentiphine caffine from Talwin NX? ## I would like to know if there is a diff? ## Talwin contains the active ingredient Pentazocine ... Talwin NX contains Pentazocine as well as naloxone hydrochlorides, and it comes in a tablet form. There is also Talwin combound which contains Pentazocine and Aspirin. I hope this helps!

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