Taking Nitrofurantin At 70 Years Of Age

Dana Says:

I've been on Nitrofurantin for over 3 months for frequent bladder infections. I just received a letter from my insurance that says I should not be on this drug because I am over 65 years of age. Is this true, and if so, WHY?

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p n verma Says:

I am taking Silodosin capsul 8 mg & Trospium Chloride capsul 60 mg for enlarged prostat . if any one used it please do let me know how effective is this .

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Verwon Says:

Dana, the actual information doesn't say that people over the age shouldn't take it at all, but that are prone to experiencing more side effects and complications from this antibiotic. Therefore your doctor should carefully consider the dosage they've prescribed and they should be monitoring you on a regular basis.


p. n. both medications have been proven effective, but the only way to see what works for you is to actually take them, as directed by your doctor. What helps one person may not work for another, that is just the nature of medications.



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