Taking Linzess With Food

krischris1 Says:

I started Linzess 145mcg 9 days ago. Only had one bm. Called Dr she said take 2 pills at a time and if that works she will call in the higher dose. Took this morning before bed. (I work nights 7p-7a) I have had stomach pain all day. I haven't been able to sleep or get comfortable. I've had rumbling in my stomach, gas and an extremely hungry feeling with the 145mcg dose but no pain. It's been 8 hours since I took the 290mcg dose. I just ate something and I feel a little better. I read that I should take Linzess 30 minutes before eating but I usually don't eat until I get up in the afternoon. Could this pain be a result of not eating with the higher dose?

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David Says:

Hi Krischris1,

Sorry to hear about your situation. According to the manufacturer, you are right that it is recommended to be used on an empty stomach, "at least" 30 minutes before your 1st meal of the day. I've taken pills like this before as well that suggest I wait 30 minutes before eating and I can tell you that I've had hunger pains similar to what you're describing as a result of waiting too long to eat on many occasions.

However it is also important to note that "stomach pain + gas + swelling + feeling of fullness + pressure in the stomach area" are all listed as potential side effects of Linzess (linaclotide) as well; whereas it may be difficult to determine if hunger or the medication is truly causing you this discomfort.

Ref: nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/druginfo/meds/a613007.html#side-effects

Have you had a chance to talk with your doctor about the stomach pain?

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Shelly Says:

Can you drink coffee within the first 30 minutes of taking linzess or can coffee be used instead of water?

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Chey Says:

Hi, I forgot to take my doses of Linzess this morning and I already ate breakfast. When should I take the one I missed? I am on 145 mcg.

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Moe Says:

I recently started taking linzess and since I suffer from bloating, gas and constipation, I take it after my last meal (before bedtime) and I feel like it's more effective that way.

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Anna Says:

What would happen if I don't eat after taking Linzess? Some mornings I don't have time to eat breakfast. Will it work effectively? Will I still get diarrhea? I sometimes get diarrhea after I take Linzess. I fluctuate between diarrhea and constipation when I take this medicine.

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Eric Says:

I have been taking Linzess for 10 days now. I accidentally ate 10 minutes after taking Linzess today. It made my stomach and intestines feel like a washing machine for several hours and then I had diareaha with undigested food floating in the toilet. Should I be worried or will I be ok ?

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Mrs V Says:

I take linzess and it works about an hour after i take it if not before. I take it every other day but my doctor wants me to start taking it every day.

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Mrs V Says:

I always take Linzess 30 mins before I eat and it really works for me

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Tina Says:

If you are VERY backed up this pill is not gonna b a miracle and blast thru all that. I have had to drink a drink I found at Walmart to start the process. Then once movement begins and you're not backed up like a brick wall the linzess will work so well since you'll be questioning taking that pill again LOL. Linzess is a lifesaver but you have to do it within so many days of not going to the bathroom otherwise you're wasting the pill and your time your tummy is just going to hurt and feel cramped up. Stop and think about it, can you knock a brick wall down with a fork??? It's the same difference. And I always warn people when you take it first thing in the morning if you are not solid backed up then you need to be very close to a bathroom at all times or carry extra clothes with you. I swear by linzess one of the best things my doctor could have given me but like any medication there are times when you got to take the good with the bad or the bad with the good whichever way you want to look at it

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Mary Says:

I just ate an hour ago at 11am. Should I take my Linzess 290mg now even though I ate something?

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Eric Says:

Yes, you should eat something within an hour of taking Linzess for it to work properly.

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FortG Says:

Linzess doesn’t work for me unless I take it with food. I take it after supper everyday and drink tons of water. Have to stay close to home because will have diarrhea for a couple hours. I’m fine by bed and have no issues the next day. I don't enjoy diarrhea but any relief from going to the bathroom only once a week is worth a couple hours of discomfort.

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