Taking Linzess In The Evening Before Bedtime

carol Says:

Can you take Linzess before bedtime so that elimination takes place in the morning? I take 145mg on an empty stomach... usually with apple sauce.

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David Says:

Hi Carol,

Looks like you're not alone in asking this question, as I just stumbled upon another discussion thread relating to the same inquiry at:
[1] Taking Linzess At Night

According to the response in that thread, it seems like the individual has had success taking Linzess at night to help promote a morning bowel movement.

Perhaps it would also be a good idea to post your thoughts there in order to increase your exposure and possibly receive more immediate feedback from other patients as well...

Best wishes to you!

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AMY Says:

My doctor told me to start taking linzess. He said to take it at night. Can anyone tell me the best time please? Is it okay to eat supper in the evening before taking linzess? Thank you for your help!

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Sugar red Says:

Re: AMY (# 2) Expand Referenced Message

I take 145mg in the morning @5am and lay down relax and usually works an a hour 4 me because i have to be at work by 9am and im good for the day But when taking i drink 16oz of coldwater on empty stomach it works faster for me.

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