Taking Effexor Xr 300 Mg Daily And Wellbutrin Xl Now Having Symptoms Of Serotonin Syndrome

Jen Says:

I have been taking Effexor XR for 3 years and added Wellbutrin XL about a year ago. I am taking 300mg of each once daily. But now I am experiencing what I describe as shocks or flutters starting at my head and traveling down my body. Sometimes I feel like I might fall but I have not. I have been to my PCP and a neurologist, after a million tests still no answer. After looking on line it sounds like serotonin syndrome to me. Not a drastic case but enough to be irritating.

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Verwon Says:

What has your doctor said about this possibility?

Our bodies do change with time, as we age, so it is always possible that we could suddenly start experiencing issues that we didn't in the past, even if the dosage of given medications haven't recently changed.

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l0ft Says:

if it where Serotonin syndrome you would probably not be typing. I though I caught it too once. It was a popular diagnosis when mdma came out.

I did notice some shakiness occurring after taking Wellbutrin for about a month, i titrated off and was fine. I would recommend looking at the welbutrin before the effexor. These can be very dangerous drugs if you get them wrong (you will get sick).

I believe I read that welbutrin should be stopped before alcohol cessation ; not sure about SNRI.

keep us updated
best wishes

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