Tablet For Stomach Infection

Millicent Says:

my problem is thatt i've been having stomach pains for a while now, took buscopen tablets they've helped me relax the pain but later it would come back. What risk am I in?

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Verwon Says:

Have you seen a doctor to discover what is causing the problem?

If it is an infection, it will likely require an antibiotic to treat it, by fighting the infection.

The Butylscopolamine is not an antibiotic and will do nothing for that.



As to any risk or danger, it depends on what is causing the problem, which is why you need to consult a doctor.

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sabina Says:

Hi doctor . I have been. Stomah ache couple hur ago .which medican csn I use

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prakash Says:

after eating food from a restaurant, complains of stomach ache and loose motion after every meal.

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atif nadeem Says:

There is pain in my stomach at the starting place of stomach
So please suggest me medicine I have test of h pylori IGG n IGM It is negative plz tell me what can I do

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pradip Says:

My relative is age 45 suffering from a stomach problem. Several times a day he needs to go to the toilet but does not have loose motion. He's always feeling the need to go to the toilet. It appears he is suffering from dysentery. Kindly suggest a medicine & dosage.

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Simar chauhan Says:

Hi doctor I have loose motions from today noon. No stomach pain . Ate outside last night. Feeling a little weakness and this problum is countinous one years ago .plz suggest the tips

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