Treatment On Ashtma

AMIT Says:

My wife has asthma since her childhood. At present her age is 49. She consumes tablet TEDRAL SA and DERIPHYLIN (Plain). I would like to know is there any side effects of TEDRAL SA ? Is this tablet worth taking. No Ayurvedic or Homeopahty medicines gives him relief. If there is asthametic attack she take inhaler Pump (Cipla) which gives her relief for time being. But Tedral SA on regular basis gives her good relief.

I just wanted to know whether regular consumption of TEDRAL SA is harmful ? However pls. note from his very childhood she is taking this tablet TEDRAL SA.

Thanks & regards.

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S K Anand Says:

It is NOT advisable to consume Tedral SA on regular basis, like I did. It creates too much dependency with increased difficulties to withdraw later. Its consumption induces numbness in hands and legs with increased energy levels. Later stages, it becomes impossible to get rid of this drug which as such has serious side-effects. Better stay away from it and try on milder medications. Regular pranayama WILL reduce any type of asthma by 50% at least. Of course, other serious lifestyle changes are necessary.

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pardhu Says:

is there any substitute drug to this tedral SA in addition with this pranayama

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Kanishka Kar Says:

Is there any substitute drug for TEDRAL SA?

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Rakeshbhai Says:

It seems that Tedral SA is not available in the medical stores because the supply has stopped from the company. This is in Surat, Gujarat. Other users please let me know the status.

I am 51 and have been using Tedral SA since childhood, not as an addict but on and off whenever needed.

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annu baliyan Says:

Can we use candid mouth paint instead of candid mouth wash.actually candid mouth wash is not available in nearby medical store. But doctor consulted only candid mouth wash.

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Enya Says:

Is Tedral SA available in South Africa. I used to use it and then I could not get it. It is the only medication that really worked for me. I only used it when needed and not on a regular basis.

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