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Tarka 180/2 tablet

I know that the tablet must not be split, but it is too much for me, and I split it in 2 pieces and take one half every evening, combined with another medicine for HT which I use in the morning. What may cause the fact that I split the film coated tablet please? As far as I know, there is no lower dosage for this medicine. And if I use one whole tablet every evening, than my tension is getting too low. Please advise

can tarka give a false positive on a drug test

I'm a HR Manager for a new company and I put a random test policy in place per ownership request. I did a random yesterday and I received a non-negative. So I need to know if one of the medications that I take daily could cause a false positive. Here is the medications: Tarka, propranolol, and bupropion.

Stopping Blood Thinners & Anticoagulants Before Knee Surgery

Is Tarka an anticoagulant? I am getting a knee surgery on March 20th and I am supposed not to take any anticoagulant two weeks before March 20th. Should I stop my high blood pressure medicine for those two weeks? Please advise. ## Goodness no! Please consult your doctor. Tarka contains Trandolapril and Verapamil and while they do have some effect on circulation, they are not blood thinners. In addition, if your blood pressure is out of control, they will not perform the surgery. Did you talk to your doctor?

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