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150MG PO

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VerFree Says:

List most other cancer treatments, Tarceva may cause some side effects, such as lung problems, nausea, weight changes, dry eyes, unusual eyelash growth, and clotting problems.

Has this been prescribed for you, or is it one of your possible treatment options to consider?

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MartinRobert Says:

This is from the Tarceva Web Site:

Q. How does Tarceva work?

A. Tarceva is a targeted treatment. It is designed to block tumor cell growth by targeting a protein called HER1/EGFR. This protein, which is present on the surface of some cancer cells and some normal cells, is important for cell growth in NSCLC. Exactly how Tarceva works is not yet fully understood; however, clinical trial results have proven that, in some patients, Tarceva can be effective in both improving patients' survival and slowing or stopping the growth of cancer.


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Jona2214 Says:

Do you mean Tarceva?

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