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Gary Says:

Been it a week and now my blood sugars are higher, and I tried to call them and they will not return my calls, so tell me why am I taking something that is making my blood sugars higher? Now I eat less and now sugar is higher used to be 140 to 180 now I is 186 to 235 which I have never been this high, so what is the deal? How long do you have to be on it to start working? OR maybe it does not work on me.

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David Says:

Hi Gary,

Sorry to hear about the medication not working. From your description I get the sense that it might just be a good idea to ask your doctor about trying something else altogether. Even though Tanzeum (albiglutide) is meant to be used 'along with diet and exercise', a week in without any sort of improvement is a little nerve racking in my opinion, especially since blood sugar levels don't take that long to fluctuate, as you may have already noticed from it not working.

Is this the first time you've had to take something to help manage glucose levels?

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gary simpson Says:

No been type 2 for 22yrs

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David Says:

One thing I thought you might find interesting is that there are numerous reviews and studies proving that type 2 diabetes can be reversed through diet and exercise, unlike type 1 which has only been "managed/controlled" in such a manner. If you feel inclined, I would strongly encourage you to do further research on raw vegan eating for type 2 diabetes as well as things like: nopal cactus, essential oils (nih.gov/pubmed/15715893), coconut oil, and other safe natural alternatives that your doctor may allow you to use alongside whatever he/she prescribes.

Hope this helps!

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Gypsey Says:

"that doctors may allow you to use"? Ha! Since when do doctors know anything about nutrition?

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David Says:

Hey Gypsey,

I know it's a far cry from the norm Lol, but sometimes patients do luck out and get a doctor who didn't just stick to the textbooks used in their med class.

I suppose a better idea would be to do this research on your own time from reliable .gov/.edu sites and get the facts straight from the source.

All I'm really trying to say is that type 2 diabetes shouldn't require long term pharmaceutical meds based on scientific research and countless testimonies from those who've taken an alternative route to treatment.

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Bree Says:

I agree 100%. When I was diagnosed with pre-type 2 diabetes I also was diagnosed with colon cancer. Those two will certainly force one to look at their diet. Diabetes went on the back burner as I fought the cancer. I beat the cancer and my doc put me on a statin and hydrochlorot... both of which raises blood sugar, I found out. I went from pre diabetes to full blown type 2 within 2 months. At no time during these past two years that I have been going thru this did anyone talk to me about nutrition and supplements... I learned this info on my own. Did you know that Metforman depletes your V B12 and can make you tired all the time? Did you know that taking statins without CoQ10 deprives your cells of energy? Did you know that Bitter Melon and Gymnema are natural blood sugar killers?

Doctors are trained to treat symptoms, not cure the disease. That's up to us to figure out.

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Thomas Says:

I find myself in a similar boat: type 2 diabetic for 25 years, glycohemoglobin 7.3 before tanzeum, on tanzeum 10 days and high glucose levels. Yesterday I biked 1.3 hours burning 360 calories, ate less than 1500 calories and most of the day had 4 hour post prandials above 200, nocturia...the works. Cannot wait for Friday and will go back to glimepiride along with metformin and onglyza. This is the first site I have seen that has addressed the question of "how long before tanzeum takes effect?" My endocrinologist says it takes 4 weeks to work. However, it seems to me that is only because the first A1C level cannot be drawn before 4 weeks after initiating therapy

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Thomas Says:

Hi Gypsey,

I agree. I'm an MD and have built a "team" to manage my diabetes including endocrinologist, internist and nutritionist. The 2 endocrinologist I have seen do not know beans about nutrition - their main training is pointing to a poster with a plate showing portions of protein, starch and veggies as if THAT will help!

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Carla Says:

Any type 1 diabetics that the Dr. has prescribed Tanzeum? What are results? Not meant for Type 1s per FDA, but Dr. says it is highly effective on type 1s. I'm a little nervous about using it under these circumstances.

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Thomas Says:

Getting back to you guys. I was on Tanzeum 30 mg weekly for 6 weeks along with Glimepiride. I stopped the onglyza along the way but remained on Metformin. Blood sugars didn't do that well unless I took the sulfonylurea (Glimepiride). Two weeks ago I upped the Tanzeum dose to 50 mg weekly - what a difference. I am now off Glimepiride and only taking Metformin. I like it!

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Jamie Says:

Was taking bydureon for about 9 months they changed me to tanzeum about 1 month ago. Been having severe right side pain for a month or two. Been having test done and they can't find nothing wrong. Can this be caused from taking tanzeum.

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Dawn Says:

I am a type 1.5....or do they say. I was burnt out on the pump (which they put me on while I was pregnant). My A1C was the best it has ever been. (5.3) BUT I have several friend who take tanzeum and lost weight while leveling out their sugars, so my dr is allowing me to try it for 3 months.

I started it exactly one week ago tomorrow. My sugars have been no less than 230 all week (I am also taking 2 metformin). I went from near perfect sugars to too high. BUT I HAVE LOST 3 lbs.

I want to give it one more week, but to answer your question....I don't think it is working. I have a doctor who understands me, so she allows me try the latest and greatest of drugs on the market. I have tried to find others who say it doesn't work for them, but really haven't. I eat extremely healthy (and workout when I can with a toddler) but even with the metformin my sugars are high.

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Liam Says:

I managed to get my A1c down from 8.3 to 6.4 using diet and supplements alone; No help from doctors or meds. I was stuck at 6.4 and I want my blood glucose down below 6, so I went to see a doctor who put me on Tanzeum, 30 mg for one month.

My fasting Blood glucose went below 100 and averaged 85-93 and it did not go over 100 even after meals. I was making progress until yesterday when my doctor upped my Tanzeum dosage to 50 mg, once per week. This morning my blood glucose was 127. I have not changed my diet, I have not stopped my supplements.

What's the deal with that? If my blood glucose does not go back down, and then some, I will quit taking Tanzeum.

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Liam Says:

Using supplements recommended on Dr. Andrew Weil's site and Dr. Richard Bernstien's book I managed to get my fasting Blood glucose down to the low to mid 90's and very rarely, if ever, went above 100 after eating. My A1c was 6.4. That was not good enough for me, so I visited an MD who prescribed one a months supply of Tanzeum 30mg then upped to 50mg last week. The dose of 30 mg of Tanzeum lowered my BG; however since taking my first dose of Tanzeum at 50mg, my fasting BG has risen to over 121. I am still taking my supplements. What's the deal? I will give it one more week; i.e one more dose of Tanzeum, then I intend to go whine to my MD about this. I wonder if the other weekly diabetes poison will do this? I am not happy.

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Liam2 Says:

Dr. Richard Bernstein's diabetic solution. Get the most recent reprint. Stick to his diet and take supplements recommended by him and Dr. Andrew weil. Your blood sugar WILL come down and you will lose weight. Type 1 diabetics will be able to use less insulin. It works.

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Liam2 Says:

Stop taking it and find a doctor that tells the truth. You may have pancreatis or a tumor. You're life does not count to many whack job doctors out there, and there are more of them than you realize.

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Amy Says:

I'm having the same issue high levels. I'm not taking it anymore.I feel awful.

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Liam2 Says:

I began taking 30 mg of Tanzeum and it lowered my BG to a level I was happy with. My fasting BG was between 85-93 and after eating it never rose above 100. That is in combination with Dr Bernstein's diabetic solution diet....I mean I stick to what he says to eat...period.

Then my doctor pushed my dose up to 50 mg without discussing how I was doing on 30 mg. I began itching and my BG rose; not bad as diabetics go, but any rise in BG is the wrong direction. The itching was irritating; then I began to have breathing problems, not real bad, but problems none the less. I quit stuff.

I had reached my BG goal on the 30 mg and was very happy...no negative side affects, or none that I noticed anyway. Dr. Bernstein would have been happy with those results. I was.

It is difficult to find a doctor to help manage BG that does not stick strictly to what the ADA claims is good enough for diabetics. Most don't want to deal with it. They just want to throw medication at us and call it good. I suppose they have too many patients to spend the time required with patients to fine tune treatment. Not their fault. Too bad for us.

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Amy Says:

My AC1 was 7.1, I had lost 5 pounds in 6 months and my readings were 89-130 daily. My old DR left so I had to see a new this new DR. Well he decided to change my meds. He took me off my glipizde and added this Tanzeum along with Metfoium 2000 a day(was already taking it) I felt GREAT on my old meds.! Ive had 2 weeks of this Tanzeum and I can't hardly go.I'm nauseated everyday , my readings are through the roof and stomach pain. I feel VERY tired. I'm not taking this medicine anymore. I pray it gets out of my system soon.

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JR Says:

I took Tanzeum 30mg shot for the first time yesterday and my numbers reached way up to 456 and have not come down much from that. I use to take Januvia and Glyberide/Metformim but my A1C kept climbing to 9.4. I am not sold on Tanzeum yet and I sure don't want my numbers up that high. Here's the BIG question, can you take Tanzeum and your Januvia and Glyburide/Metformin together? Got to get my numbers down and Tanzeum is not doing it and my doctor said I would take the Tanzeum instead of the Januvia, what gives here? Help anyone?

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