T194 Oxycodone 10/325 From Walgreens

Brenda Says:

I am having some concerns regarding this med from WALGREENS. They are pale yellow....I chewed on one and looked at my tongue. What I saw was very unusual. The substance of the pill was very bright yellow. It was gummy on texture like a eatery spackle or paste. It was thick and didn't dissolve. It had no taste really. I left it on my tongue for 20 minutes. I had zero numbing to my tongue.

I used to break part of a pill and place on a breaking tooth...it would numb the nerve very quickly. Also I put end of fingers in mouth and rubbed the substance. More than that it stained my fingers yellow. Like food coloring does. Try these yourself to see.

I called Camber. Sent pictures of my tongue and fingers. They take the pain away but zero normal side effects. I talked to Camber, they told me not to stop taking it. I told them it may be toxic to my body. They are going to investigate. I told them of this forum and all the complaints, they didn't care, they just said you should call them and complain...u need to do this to be documented should this cause serious problems later. I sent pictures of my tongue and fingers.

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David Says:

Hi Brenda,

Sorry to hear about your experience with Camber oxycodone. There's actually another active discussion thread here on this T 194 pill depicting similar lack of quality. I'm assuming that you may be referring to it in your post, but you can reach the discussion at: "Yellow pill with T-194 on one side".

At this point, all we can do is file a report with the FDA via their MedWatch program [fda.gov/Safety/MedWatch] and/or have our doctors specify a different manufacturer's product on the prescription itself. This way, pharmacies won't just hand over whatever is on the shelf, which is probably Camber most of the time from what I hear.

If patients by the masses started refusing their products they'd have to pull them off the market, but getting everyone on the same page would be a challenge and not every patient has tried Camber yet to give their opinion. Nevertheless, we (patients) are the market makers and whatever we choose to accept is telling them with our dollars that they should keep supplying it, no matter how inferior it may be.

I hope you make a full recovery from those symptoms!

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Chuck Says:

Is this "T 194" white pill 10 mg oxycodone + 325 mg acetaminophen? I've never seen this before and my niece has these.

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Brandy Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I tried it too. Same thing but it doesn't take my back pain away like the other brands do and it also makes me feel confused, and they gave me a headache. Their brand is no good. Something is not right with it.

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Paulette Says:

I was told that this pill is very strong. What is the strength of the oblong white pill imprinted "t 154"? Is it 10 or 5 milligrams?

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Kb Says:

Re: David (# 1) Expand Referenced Message

I’ve been using Rhodes 10mg/325mg for years. Just bought an RX through Costco (Camber)…..there is something wrong with these pills. Which is how I ended up on this page. I am going to go talk to the pharmacist about this. These pills make me sick, headache, no pain relief.

I only switched pharmacies because of a new Costco membership. How can a pill be tested? DEFINITELY SOMETHING WRONG!

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