Switching From Nortrel 1-35 To Junel 1.5/mg30 What's The Difference?

Insurance aggrivated! Says:

I have had to go through 7 different BC pills to find one that I did not get horrible side effects from (nortrel) now I am forced to switch to junel because my insurance no longer covers nortrel. Can anyone tell me what the differences are between NORTREL 1-35 tablet vs. JUNEL 1.5 MG-30 MCG tablet?Are they the same with the amounts of hormone levels and amount released? I see there is ACETATE in JUNEL, What is acetate for? My doctor will not be in for the next 3 days so I would really love to know something before i end up in the hospital again because of a switch in pills by my insurance instead of my doctor! I had experienced horrible bleeding and clotting to the point where I was tearing large pieces and passing them during my menstral cycle and it was extremely painful..(close to what I experienced after child birth)..I never want that to happen again! I need someone to help me before I have to start taking something without any information on it like i am a lab rat! What is the closest BC medication to Nortrel 1-35 which is covered by PA ACCESS? PLEASE anyone who can help me I am anxious to know what I have been switched to! The pharmacy said there is no difference BUT they have told me that before and it was a lie. They kept switching between generics medications so much my body was in a whirl wind and I was in terrible torture both mental and physical which put me in the hospital!

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Verwon Says:

I can see that this is an older post, so how did things turn out?

You posted the dosage yourself and that is an obvious difference, the 30mcgs and the 35mcgs.

There can also be differences in the inactive ingredients, which it appears you are sensitive to.

The acetate, however, just refers to the type of chemical salt that the relevant hormones are derived from.

As to which ones are covered by PA Access, I can only suggest you check with your doctor, or pharmacy about that, as we have no way of knowing.


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Parker Lynn Says:

You will have acne issues with junel. A very large appreciate, periods are longer 5-7 days.
Weigh gain. I went through the same matter as you. My insurance rejected the same BY and I had been on it for 3 mo. Samples my Dr. gave me.

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lady bug Says:

Can anybody tell me I just switch from nortrel to pirmella and the pharmacy said I don't need to use back up with it the same drug opinion please

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